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expedition to reach the north magnetic pole 1974 In an informal article in a medical journal Henry Heimlich introduced the concept of abdominal thrusts commonly known as the Heimlich maneuver to treat choking victims 2001 A Hamas affiliated Islamist terrorist blew himself up outside a nightclub in Tel Aviv Israel killing 21 people most of whom were teenage girls Theodosius Romanus d 896 J F Oberlin d 1826 Nambaryn Enkhbayar b 1958 More anniversaries May 31 June 1 June 2 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 2 Festa della Repubblica in Italy 1946 Coronation portrait of Elizabeth II and Philip Duke of Edinburgh 1793 French Revolution A popular insurrection ended with Parisian sans culottes led by Francois Hanriot arresting 22 members of the dominant Girondist faction in the National Convention 1886 Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom becoming the only U S president to wed in the White House 1924 The Indian Citizenship Act was signed into law granting citizenship to all Native Americans born within the territorial limits of the United States 1953 Queen Elizabeth II pictured was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London 1983 After an emergency landing due to an in flight fire 23 passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 were killed when a flashover occurred as the plane s doors opened Rutger von Ascheberg b 1621 Gilbert Baker b 1951 George S Kaufman d 1961 More anniversaries June 1 June 2 June 3 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 3 Feast of Corpus Christi Western Christianity 2021 Anniversary of Khomeini s Death in Iran 1989 Martyrs Day in Uganda Wallis Simpson 1844 The last known pair of great auks the only modern species in the genus Pinguinus of flightless birds were killed on Eldey Iceland 1921 At his trial for the assassination of Talat Pasha viewed as the main orchestrator of the Armenian genocide Soghomon Tehlirian was acquitted after arguing I have killed a man but I am not a murderer 1937 A few months after abdicating the British throne Edward Duke of Windsor married American socialite Wallis Simpson pictured in a private ceremony in France 1979 Having invaded Uganda and deposed President Idi Amin Tanzanian forces secured Uganda s western border ending a seven month war Martha Jane Knowlton Coray b 1821 Charles Lecocq b 1832 Jill Biden b 1951 More anniversaries June 2 June 3 June 4 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 4 Trianon Treaty Day in Romania 1920 Emily Davison 1792 Captain George Vancouver of the Royal Navy claimed the land around Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest for Great Britain 1913 Emily Davison pictured an activist for women s suffrage in the United Kingdom was fatally injured after being trampled by King George V s horse at the Epsom Derby 1961 U S president John F Kennedy and Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev held an unsuccessful summit in Vienna to discuss issues in the countries relationship during the Cold War 1998 Terry Nichols was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing Antoine Duke of Lorraine b 1489 Benjamin Huntsman b 1704 Leslie Averill d 1981 More anniversaries June 3 June 4 June 5 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 5 Constitution Day in Denmark June Rebellion in Paris 1257 Boleslaw V High Duke of Poland granted city rights to Krakow modelled on the Magdeburg town charter 1832 The June Rebellion depicted an anti monarchist uprising broke out in Paris 1941 Second Sino Japanese War About 4 000 people died of asphyxiation in Chongqing when the tunnel in which they were hiding became blocked during a raid in the five year bombing campaign 1981 The first clinical cases of AIDS were published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Ignatius George II d 1708 Ivy Compton Burnett b 1884 Mark Wahlberg b 1971 More anniversaries June 4 June 5 June 6 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 6 National Day of Sweden 1922 vintage Chicago Rapid Transit Company L cars 1674 Shivaji who led a resistance to free the Maratha from the Bijapur Sultanate and the Mughal Empire was crowned the first chhatrapati of the Maratha Empire 1892 The Chicago L train pictured the third busiest rapid transit system in the United States began operation 1912 The largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century began forming the volcano Novarupta in the Alaska Peninsula 1971 Vietnam War Australian forces attacked a heavily fortified North Vietnamese base camp at the Battle of Long Khanh 1985 The remains of Josef Mengele a Nazi physician notorious for performing human experiments on Auschwitz inmates were exhumed in Embu das Artes Brazil Norbert of Xanten d 1134 Henry Allingham b 1896 Jean Pouliot b 1923 More anniversaries June 5 June 6 June 7 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 7 Journalist s Day in Argentina 1810 Queen s Official Birthday in New Zealand 2021 Western Australia Day 2021 Mosaic of Aelia Eudocia 421 Roman emperor Theodosius II married Aelia Eudocia depicted who later helped to protect Greek pagans and Jews from persecution 1628 The Petition of Right a major English constitutional document that set out specific liberties of individuals received royal assent from King Charles I 1965 The U S Supreme Court ruled in Griswold v Connecticut that a Connecticut law prohibiting the use of contraceptives violated the right to marital privacy 1975 The inaugural edition of the Cricket World Cup the premier international championship of men s One Day International cricket began in England 1981 The Israeli Air Force attacked and disabled the Osirak nuclear reactor under the assumption that it was about to start producing plutonium to further an Iraqi nuclear weapons program Georgiana Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire b 1757 Knud Rasmussen b 1879 Jean Harlow d 1937 More anniversaries June 6 June 7 June 8 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 8 Police activity in the aftermath of the Akihabara massacre 218 Led by the inexperienced Gannys Elagabalus s legions defeated the forces of Roman emperor Macrinus at the Battle of Antioch 1783 Laki a volcanic fissure in Iceland began an eight month eruption triggering a major famine and causing massive fluoride poisoning 1941 World War II The Allies commenced the Syria Lebanon campaign against Vichy French possessions in the Levant 1953 An F5 tornado struck Flint and Beecher Michigan causing 116 fatalities 844 injuries and 19 million in damage during a larger tornado outbreak sequence 2008 A Japanese man drove a truck into a crowd of pedestrians in Akihabara Tokyo and proceeded to stab at least 12 people before being apprehended police activity pictured George I Rakoczi b 1593 Charlotte Scott b 1858 Bonnie Tyler b 1951 More anniversaries June 7 June 8 June 9 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 9 Burning of Gaspee 747 Abu Muslim initiated an open revolt against Umayyad rule which was carried out under the sign of the Black Standard 1772 In an act of defiance against the Navigation Acts American colonists led by Abraham Whipple attacked and burned the British schooner Gaspee depicted 1815 The Congress of Vienna ended redrawing the political map of Europe after the defeat of Napoleon 1944 World War II In reprisal for successful French Resistance attacks the SS and SD hanged 99 men in the town of Tulle 1999 The Kumanovo Agreement was signed bringing an end to the Kosovo War the next day Wladyslaw IV Vasa b 1595 Jane Avril b 1868 Natalie Portman b 1981 More anniversaries June 8 June 9 June 10 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 10 Hussein bin Ali 1329 Byzantine Ottoman wars The heavily armed Byzantine army was defeated by Ottoman forces at the Battle of Pelekanon 1786 Ten days after being formed by an earthquake a landslide dam on the Dadu River in China was destroyed by an aftershock causing a flood that killed an estimated 100 000 people 1838 At least 28 unarmed Indigenous Australians were massacred at Myall Creek New South Wales 1916 Hussein bin Ali Sharif of Mecca pictured orchestrated a revolt against the Ottoman Empire with the aim of creating a single unified and independent Arab state 1991 Eleven year old Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in South Lake Tahoe California she remained a captive until 2009 Hans Karl von Diebitsch d 1831 Joao Gilberto b 1931 Wang Yuegu b 1980 More anniversaries June 9 June 10 June 11 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 11 Alexander of Greece 806 Arab Byzantine wars The Abbasid army departed Raqqa in northern Syria to begin an invasion of Byzantine controlled Asia Minor 1776 The Second Continental Congress established the Committee of Five to draft a declaration of independence for the Thirteen Colonies 1917 Alexander pictured was crowned King of Greece succeeding his father Constantine I who had abdicated 1955 The deadliest accident in motorsport history occurred when two cars collided during a running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans causing 84 deaths 2012 Two earthquakes struck northern Afghanistan triggering a massive landslide that buried a village and killed 75 people Benjamin Ingham b 1712 R A Hardie b 1865 Gene Wilder b 1933 More anniversaries June 10 June 11 June 12 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 12 Dia dos Namorados in Brazil Independence Day in the Philippines 1898 Queen s Official Birthday in Tuvalu and the United Kingdom 2021 Loving Day in the United States 1967 Turkish irregulars in Phocaea 1240 The Disputation of Paris in which four rabbis defended the Talmud against Nicholas Donin s accusations of blasphemy began in the court of King Louis IX 1775 Thomas Gage the governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay offered a general pardon to colonists who remained loyal to Britain 1914 As part of the Ottoman Empire s policies of ethnic cleansing Turkish irregulars examples pictured began a six day massacre of the predominantly Greek town of Phocaea 1963 African American civil rights activist Medgar Evers was murdered by Ku Klux Klan member Byron De La Beckwith Thomas Farnaby d 1647 Egon Schiele b 1890 Milorad Petrovic d 1981 More anniversaries June 11 June 12 June 13 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 13 Henry Grace a Dieu as depicted in the Anthony Roll 313 The Edict of Milan an agreement between Constantine the Great and Licinius to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire was posted in Nicomedia 1514 Henry Grace a Dieu depicted the largest warship in the world at the time was launched from Woolwich Dockyard England 1971 The New York Times published the first excerpts from the Pentagon Papers a 7 000 page classified Department of Defense history of the United States political and military involvement in the Vietnam War 1981 English teenager Marcus Sarjeant fired six blanks at Queen Elizabeth II as she rode down The Mall to the Trooping the Colour ceremony Jean Baptiste Benoit Eyries d 1846 Augusto Roa Bastos b 1917 Malik Meraj Khalid d 2003 More anniversaries June 12 June 13 June 14 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 14 Bear Flag of the California Republic 1381 During the Peasants Revolt in England rebels stormed the Tower of London killing the Lord Chancellor and the Lord High Treasurer 1846 Settlers in Sonoma began a rebellion against Mexico proclaiming the California Republic and eventually raising a homemade flag with a bear and star pictured 1940 Second World War Four days after the French government fled Paris German forces occupied the French capital a major accomplishment in the Fall Rot operation 1971 Emerson Lake amp Palmer released the progressive rock album Tarkus 2014 War in Donbas An Ilyushin Il 76 transport aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was shot down by forces of the self proclaimed Luhansk People s Republic killing all 49 people on board Harriet Beecher Stowe b 1811 Alois Alzheimer b 1864 Mary Cassatt d 1926 More anniversaries June 13 June 14 June 15 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 15 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo 1859 The shooting of a pig in the San Juan Islands led to the so called Pig War over the border between the United States and British North America 1896 A 7 2 Ms earthquake and a subsequent tsunami struck Japan destroying about 9 000 homes and causing at least 22 000 deaths 1944 In the Saskatchewan general election the Co operative Commonwealth Federation led by Tommy Douglas won enough seats in the Legislative Assembly to form the first socialist government in North America 1991 The eruption of Mount Pinatubo pictured in the Philippines deposited large amounts of particulate matter into the atmosphere enough to lower global temperatures by about 0 5 C 0 9 F 2001 Leaders of China Russia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan and Uzbekistan formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Thomas Randolph b 1605 Herman Smith Johannsen b 1875 W Arthur Lewis d 1991 More anniversaries June 14 June 15 June 16 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 16 Rudolf Nureyev in 1973 1407 Ming Chinese forces captured Hồ Quy Ly and his sons conquering Đại Việt and ending the Vietnamese Hồ dynasty 1883 In the Victoria Hall disaster 183 children were crushed to death when they ran down the stairs to collect gifts after a variety show in Sunderland England 1911 The technology company IBM was founded as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company in Endicott New York 1961 Pioneering Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev pictured defected from the Soviet Union at Paris Le Bourget Airport with the help of French police and a Parisian socialite friend 2013 A cloudburst caused severe flooding in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand continuing for several days and resulting in over 5 700 deaths James Bertie 1st Earl of Abingdon b 1653 William Lawson d 1850 Tupac Shakur b 1971 More anniversaries June 15 June 16 June 17 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 17 The Capture of the Forts at Taku by Fritz Neumann 1397 The kingdoms of Denmark Sweden and Norway formed the Kalmar Union a personal union under Eric of Pomerania 1843 New Zealand Wars British settlers clashed with Maori over a land dispute in the Wairau Valley resulting in 26 deaths 1900 Boxer Rebellion Allied naval forces captured the Taku Forts depicted from Qing China after a brief but bloody battle 1963 Riots broke out in Saigon one day after the signing of the Joint Communique to resolve the Buddhist crisis in South Vietnam 2017 Four wildfires erupted across central Portugal eventually killing at least 66 people Gauhar Ara Begum b 1631 Daskalogiannis d 1771 Mohamed Morsi d 2019 More anniversaries June 16 June 17 June 18 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 18 Autistic Pride Day Lockheed F 117 Nighthawk 618 Sui Tang transition Chinese governor Li Yuan declared himself emperor establishing the Tang dynasty which would last for three centuries 1858 Charles Darwin received a manuscript by fellow naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace on natural selection which encouraged him to publish his own theory of evolution 1954 Carlos Castillo Armas led a CIA sponsored invasion force across the Guatemalan border beginning the 1954 Guatemalan coup d etat 1967 American musician Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar on stage at the end of a performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in California 1981 The Lockheed F 117 Nighthawk pictured the first operational aircraft to be designed around stealth technology made its maiden flight Ambrose Philips d 1749 James Montgomery Flagg b 1877 Barack Obama Sr b 1934 More anniversaries June 17 June 18 June 19 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 19 Juneteenth in the United States 1865 Maximilian I of Mexico 1846 The first officially recorded baseball game in U S history using modern rules was played in Hoboken New Jersey with the New York Nine defeating the New York Knickerbockers 23 1 1867 Second French intervention in Mexico Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico pictured was executed by firing squad in Queretaro City 1921 The village of Knockcroghery Ireland was burned by British forces 1978 Garfield created by Jim Davis debuted in American newspapers nationwide eventually becoming one of the world s most widely syndicated comic strips 2010 The royal wedding of Victoria Crown Princess of Sweden and Daniel Westling took place in Stockholm Cathedral Guru Hargobind b 1595 Aage Bohr b 1922 Len Bias d 1986 More anniversaries June 18 June 19 June 20 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 20 June solstice 03 32 UTC 2021 Flag Day in Argentina 1820 Obverse of the Great Seal of the United States 1782 The Congress of the Confederation adopted the Great Seal of the United States depicted used to authenticate certain documents issued by the federal government 1900 Boxer Rebellion The Imperial Chinese Army began a 55 day siege of the Legation Quarter in Beijing 1960 The Mali Federation gained independence from France but dissolved into Mali and Senegal two months later 2009 Iranian student Neda Agha Soltan was shot dead in Tehran during the presidential election protests footage of her death was widely distributed over the Internet making it probably the most widely witnessed death in human history Adalbert of Magdeburg d 981 Mary R Calvert b 1884 Enn Vetemaa b 1936 More anniversaries June 19 June 20 June 21 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 21 Fete de la Musique International Day of Yoga National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada Play mediaNewsreel footage of the Winnipeg general strike 1734 Marie Joseph Angelique a black slave was tortured and hanged after having been convicted of starting a fire that burned much of Old Montreal 1864 New Zealand Wars A British victory against the Maori King Movement brought the Tauranga campaign to an end 1919 During a general strike newsreel featured in Winnipeg Canada members of the Royal North West Mounted Police attacked a crowd of strikers armed with clubs and revolvers 1940 World War II The main offensive of the unsuccessful Italian invasion of France began 2000 President Bill Clinton awarded the Medal of Honor to 22 Asian Americans mostly from the 442nd Regimental Combat Team for actions during World War II Charles Edward Horn b 1786 Clara Immerwahr b 1870 Soad Hosny d 2001 More anniversaries June 20 June 21 June 22 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 22 Laura Secord warning James FitzGibbon 813 Byzantine Bulgarian wars Outnumbered Bulgarian forces defeated the Byzantine army at the Battle of Versinikia 1813 War of 1812 After learning of a forthcoming American attack Laura Secord walked 20 mi 32 km from Queenston Upper Canada to warn British lieutenant James FitzGibbon depicted 1948 More than 800 West Indian immigrants disembarked from the British troopship HMT Empire Windrush at Tilbury England becoming known as the Windrush generation 1986 Argentine footballer Diego Maradona scored both the hand of God goal and the Goal of the Century against England during a quarter final match of the FIFA World Cup 2009 Two Metro trains collided in Washington D C killing nine people and injuring eighty others Leonardo Loredan d 1521 Matthias Vanden Gheyn d 1785 Lola Baldwin d 1957 More anniversaries June 21 June 22 June 23 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 23 Grand Duke s Official Birthday in Luxembourg Lake Louise Banff National Park 1780 American Revolutionary War The Continental Army defeated British and Hessian troops at the Battle of Springfield effectively ending British ambitions in New Jersey 1887 The Parliament of Canada passed the Rocky Mountains Park Act creating Banff National Park pictured in Alberta as the country s first national park 1956 In a nationwide referendum Gamal Abdel Nasser was elected President of Egypt a post he held until his death in 1970 1972 President Richard Nixon signed Title IX into law as part of the Education Amendments prohibiting gender discrimination in any educational program receiving U S federal funds 2014 Under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 2118 the last of Syria s declared chemical weapons were shipped out for destruction Margaret of Denmark Queen of Scotland b 1456 Norman Pritchard b 1875 Sanjay Gandhi d 1980 More anniversaries June 22 June 23 June 24 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 24 Julia Gillard 474 Western Roman emperor Glycerius who was not recognized by his Eastern counterpart Leo I was forced to abdicate 1314 In the decisive battle of the First War of Scottish Independence Scottish forces led by Robert the Bruce defeated English troops under Edward II near Bannockburn Scotland 1717 The first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry the Premier Grand Lodge of England was founded in London 1940 Second World War The British Army carried out Operation Collar its first commando raid into German occupied France 2010 Julia Gillard pictured was sworn in as the first female prime minister of Australia after incumbent Kevin Rudd declined to contest a leadership spill in the Labor Party William Arnold b 1587 Herbert Kitchener 1st Earl Kitchener b 1850 V V Giri d 1980 More anniversaries June 23 June 24 June 25 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 25 Statehood Day in Slovenia 1991 Royal Air Force personnel being evacuated from Brest France 1658 Anglo Spanish War The largest battle ever fought on Jamaica the three day Battle of Rio Nuevo began 1910 The United States Congress passed the Mann Act which prohibited the interstate transport of females for immoral purposes 1940 Second World War Operation Aerial an evacuation of nearly 200 000 Allied soldiers pictured from French ports was completed 1960 Two cryptographers working for the U S National Security Agency left on vacation to Mexico and proceeded to defect to the Soviet Union 2006 Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured in a cross border raid near the Kerem Shalom crossing with the Gaza Strip and held hostage by Hamas until 2011 Niels King of Denmark d 1134 Henry H Arnold b 1886 Michel Foucault d 1984 More anniversaries June 24 June 25 June 26 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 26 Day of the National Flag in Romania 1848 Henri Moissan 1740 War of Jenkins Ear Spanish troops stormed the British held strategically crucial position of Fort Mose in Spanish Florida 1886 French chemist Henri Moissan pictured successfully isolated elemental fluorine for which he later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1907 Organized by Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin among others Bolshevik revolutionaries robbed a bank stagecoach in Tiflis present day Georgia 1945 At a conference in San Francisco delegates from 50 nations signed a charter establishing the United Nations 2003 The U S Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws in the country in the landmark decision Lawrence v Texas Marie Therese Rodet Geoffrin b 1699 Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia b 1899 Mary Rodgers d 2014 More anniversaries June 25 June 26 June 27 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 27 George II at Dettingen 1743 War of the Austrian Succession In the last time that a British monarch led troops in battle Allied forces commanded by George II depicted defeated the French army at Dettingen Bavaria 1864 American Civil War General Sherman s frontal assault against the Confederate Army of Tennessee failed but did not stop the Union Army from advancing on Atlanta 1905 First Russian Revolution The crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin began a mutiny against their officers 1976 The first identifiable case of Ebola occurred in Sudan 2015 Ignition of corn starch caused a dust fire at a water park in New Taipei City Taiwan killing 12 people and injuring more than 400 others James Smithson d 1829 Frank Rattray Lillie b 1870 Michael Nyqvist d 2017 More anniversaries June 26 June 27 June 28 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 28 Vidovdan in Serbia Alto saxophone 1846 Belgian musician Adolphe Sax patented his design of the saxophone example pictured 1895 The U S Court of Private Land Claims ruled that James Reavis s claim to 18 600 sq mi 48 000 km2 of land in present day Arizona and New Mexico was wholly fictitious and fraudulent 1950 Korean War South Korean forces began the Bodo League massacre summarily executing at least 60 000 suspected North Korean sympathizers 1990 Paperback Software a company founded by Adam Osborne was found guilty of copyright infringement for using Lotus 1 2 3 s look and feel interface in its own spreadsheet program James Tuchet 7th Baron Audley d 1497 James Madison d 1836 Amira Hass b 1956 More anniversaries June 27 June 28 June 29 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 29 Crowd gathered around destroyed Serb property 1149 Second Crusade The Zengid army of Nur ad Din destroyed the forces of Antioch led by Prince Raymond 1776 The first privateer battle of the American Revolutionary War the Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet was fought near Cape May New Jersey 1914 During the second day of anti Serb riots in Sarajevo aftermath pictured numerous buildings owned by ethnic Serbs were vandalized and looted 1950 The United States defeated England during the FIFA World Cup in one of the greatest upsets in the competition s history 1995 Atlantis became the first U S Space Shuttle to dock with the Russian space station Mir as part of the Shuttle Mir program Pietro Paolo Troisi b 1686 Paul Klee d 1940 Kim Little b 1990 More anniversaries June 28 June 29 June 30 Archive By email List of days of the year view talk edit history watch June 30 Asteroid Day Trees felled by the Tunguska explosion 1559 During a jousting match King Henry II of France was mortally wounded when fragments of Gabriel Montgomery s lance pierced his eye 1859 French acrobat Charles Blondin crossed Niagara Gorge making him one of the world s most famous tightrope walkers 1908 A massive explosion occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in Siberia flattening more than 2 150 square kilometres 830 sq mi of forest sample pictured 1960 The Belgian Congo gained independence from colonial rule beginning a period of instability that led to the dictatorship of Joseph Desire Mobutu in 1965 John Quelch d 1704 Eleanor Sophia Smith d 1942 Tony Fernandez b 1962 More anniversaries June 29 June 30 July 1 Archive By email List of days of the year view 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