Deaths in 2021 Language Watch Edit The following notable deaths occurred in 2021 Names are reported under the date of death in alphabetical order by surname or pseudonym A typical entry reports information in the following sequence Name age country of citizenship at birth subsequent nationality if applicable what subject was noted for cause of death if known and reference Contents 1 June 1 1 17 1 2 16 1 3 15 1 4 14 1 5 13 1 6 12 1 7 11 1 8 10 1 9 9 1 10 8 1 11 7 1 12 6 1 13 5 1 14 4 1 15 3 1 16 2 1 17 1 2 Previous months 3 See also 4 References 5 External linksJune17 16 Chandrashekhar 98 Indian actor Surang Cha Cha Cha Ramayan 1 Marc Goblet nl 64 Belgian syndicalist and politician deputy since 2019 2 Huang Xiling 94 Chinese geotechnical specialist member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering 3 Ibrahim Ibrahimli az 68 69 Azerbaijani politician deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic 4 Jabu Mabuza 63 South African businessman chairman of Eskom since 2018 COVID 19 5 Swatilekha Sengupta 71 Indian actress Ghare Baire Bela Seshe Bela Shuru kidney disease 6 Zhou Qingjun zh 77 Taiwanese social activist and politician president of the Patriot Alliance Association since 2018 COVID 19 7 15 Jackie Shako Diala Anahengo 62 Congolese actress 8 Aleksandr Averyanov 72 Russian football player Lokomotiv Moscow and manager Okean Nakhodka Dynamo Saint Petersburg 9 Sheldon Bach 96 American psychologist 10 Dirk Bracke nl 68 Belgian children s author 11 Yves Dassonville 73 French civil servant and statistician high commissioner of New Caledonia 2007 2010 12 Phil Gannon 98 99 American educator founder and president 1957 1989 of Lansing Community College 13 Allan Kiil 57 Estonian swimmer 14 Ari Magalhaes pt 92 Brazilian politician federal deputy of Piaui COVID 19 15 Benon Magezi 60 61 Ugandan Anglican prelate bishop of North Kigezi since 2017 16 Jim Phelan 92 American college basketball coach Mount Saint Mary s Mountaineers 17 Vladimir Shatalov 93 Russian cosmonaut Soyuz 4 Soyuz 8 Soyuz 10 twice Hero of the Soviet Union 18 Thaika Shuaib 90 Indian Islamic scholar 19 Anatoli Susekov 65 Russian cinematographer Dyuba Dyuba Time of a Dancer Demobbed 20 Anna C Verna 90 American politician member 1975 2012 and president 1999 2011 of the Philadelphia City Council 21 Sanchari Vijay 38 Indian actor Harivu Naanu Avanalla Avalu Killing Veerappan traffic collision 22 Gustavo Villapalos 71 Spanish academic and politician rector of Complutense University of Madrid 1987 1995 23 Lily Weiding 96 Danish actress Lady with the Light Gloves Be Dear to Me Martha 24 Jack B Weinstein 99 American jurist judge since 1967 and chief judge 1980 1988 of the U S District Court for the Eastern District of New York 25 14 Mahmadsaid Akhmedov tg 66 Tajik singer 26 Lisa Banes 65 American actress Cocktail Young Guns Gone Girl injuries sustained in traffic collision 27 Gunnar Birgisson 73 Icelandic politician MP 1999 2006 28 Enrique Bolanos 93 Nicaraguan politician president 2002 2007 and vice president 1997 2000 29 Livio Caputo 87 Italian politician and journalist senator 1994 1996 director of Il Giornale since 2021 30 Manuel Clavero 95 Spanish politician assistant minister of the regions 1977 1979 and minister of culture 1979 1980 31 Vladimir Damdinov ru 41 Russian combat sambo practitioner World Championships silver medalist 2006 stroke 32 Sir Eion Edgar 76 New Zealand businessman and philanthropist chancellor of the University of Otago 1999 2003 pancreatic cancer 33 Sven Erlander 87 Swedish mathematician 34 Sir Ian Hassall 79 New Zealand paediatrician commissioner for children 1989 1994 35 Mburumba Kerina 89 Namibian politician and academic deputy speaker of the Constituent Assembly 1989 and coiner of country s name COVID 19 36 Markis Kido 36 Indonesian badminton player Olympic 2008 and world champion 2007 2010 heart attack 37 Chris Kirubi 80 Kenyan industrialist cancer 38 Washington Jakoyo Midiwo 54 Kenyan politician MP 2007 2017 heart attack 39 Tuono Pettinato 44 Italian comics writer and illustrator 40 Adam Smelczynski 90 Polish trap shooter Olympic silver medalist 1956 41 Selcuk Tekay 68 Turkish composer heart attack 42 Facinet Toure 87 Guinean politician soldier and coup leader minister of foreign affairs 1984 1985 and co founder of the CMRN 43 Wang Chiu Hwa 95 Taiwanese architect heart failure 44 13 Ned Beatty 83 American actor Network Deliverance Superman 45 Georges Cadoudal fr 91 French sonneur 46 K C N Chandrasekhar 69 Indian film producer Babruvahana Jayasimha Thene Manasulu 47 Krystyna Chojnowska Liskiewicz 84 Polish naval engineer and sailor 48 Raul de Souza 86 Brazilian trombonist Sergio Mendes Baden Powell Milton Nascimento throat cancer 49 Ashley Henley 40 American politician member of the Mississippi House of Representatives 2016 2020 shot 50 Toeti Heraty 87 Indonesian poet 51 Indira Hridayesh 80 Indian politician Uttarakhand MLA 2002 2007 since 2012 heart attack 52 Carol Jarecki 86 American chess organizer 53 Maurice Joncas fr 84 Canadian writer 54 Deona Knajdek 31 American activist traffic collision 55 Carlos Geraldo Langoni 76 Brazilian economist president of Central Bank of Brazil 1980 1983 COVID 19 56 Pato Larralde 55 Argentine heavy metal singer 57 David Lightfoot 61 Australian film producer Wolf Creek heart attack 58 Karen MacLeod 63 British Olympic long distance runner 1996 59 death announced on this date Nikita Mandryka 80 French comics artist L Echo des savanes Pilote 60 Luciano Pagliaro it 82 Italian magistrate 61 Nirmal Saini 82 Indian volleyball player national team COVID 19 62 Su Dongshui 89 Chinese economist 63 Bobby Unser Jr 65 American racecar driver and horse breeder complications from hip surgery 64 Saadi Youssef 87 Iraqi poet and author complications from lung cancer 65 Ziona 75 Indian sect leader and polygamist 66 12 Jack Adams 34 English rugby union player Gloucester Moseley Bristol cancer 67 Ariel Barria Alvarado 62 Panamanian author and teacher 68 Dennis Berry 76 American French film director The Big Delirium Chloe Highlander The Raven 69 Franco Calamida 83 Italian politician deputy 1983 1992 70 Anatoly Chukanov 67 Russian cyclist Olympic champion 1976 71 Andrey Gorbunov 81 Russian literary scientist and scholar 72 Chad Hundeby 50 American long distance swimmer heart attack 73 Piyong Temjen Jamir 87 Indian literary scholar 74 Witold Kiezun 99 Polish economist and Warsaw Uprising insurgent 75 Marco Maciel 80 Brazilian politician and academic vice president 1995 2002 minister of education 1985 1986 and president of the Chamber of Deputies 1977 1979 COVID 19 76 Abdul Salam Maqbool ar 69 Kuwaiti cartoonist 77 John Marinatto 64 American college athletics commissioner commissioner of the Big East Conference 2009 2012 78 Jesus Martin Barbero 83 Spanish born Colombian communication scientist 79 Cingiz Qacar az 92 Azerbaijani scientist and professor 80 Christopher Sign 45 American television journalist KNXV TV WBMA LD 81 Igor Zhelezovski 57 Belarusian speed skater Olympic silver 1994 and bronze medalist 1988 COVID 19 82 11 Aslan Abbasov 71 Azerbaijani politician deputy 1995 2000 83 Ivo Baldi Gaburri 74 Italian born Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate bishop of Huaraz 1999 2004 and Huari since 2004 COVID 19 84 Julio Calasso 80 Brazilian actor The Lady from the Shanghai Cinema Fala Serio Mae 85 Suresh Chandra Indian journalist and actor Gokula Krishna Appayya COVID 19 86 Valentin de la Cruz 92 93 Spanish monk and historian member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando 87 Art Ditmar 92 American baseball player New York Yankees Philadelphia Kansas City Athletics World Series champion 1958 88 Walter Michael Ebejer 91 Maltese born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate bishop of Uniao da Vitoria 1976 2007 89 Geoffrey Edelsten 78 Australian medical entrepreneur 90 Francisco Egea 70 Spanish engineer and politician minister of justice economy employment and social security of Euskadi 1997 1998 91 John Gabriel 90 American actor Ryan s Hope Stagecoach The Mary Tyler Moore Show complications from Alzheimer s disease 92 Mudcat Grant 85 American baseball player Cleveland Indians Minnesota Twins Oakland Athletics 93 Jon Hameister Ries 37 Canadian football player BC Lions 94 Sando Harris 58 Sri Lankan actor Seethala Gini Kandu A Common Man Singa Machan Charlie and stunt director 95 Hessley Hempstead 49 American football player Detroit Lions heart attack 96 Dame Georgina Kirby 85 New Zealand Maori leader and women s advocate 97 Marko Kremzar sl 93 Slovenian Argentine writer journalist and politician 98 Jurgen Liminski de 71 German political journalist and author 99 Jon Lukas 72 Maltese musician 100 Surat Mathur 90 Indian Olympic long distance runner 1952 101 Bernardo Mercado 69 Colombian boxer cardiac arrest 102 Juli Moll 73 Spanish philologist COVID 19 103 Enzo Musco it 77 Italian jurist 104 Taha Karaan 52 South African Islamic scholar complications from COVID 19 105 Antonio Torrado pt 81 Portuguese author 106 Vern Miller 92 American politician Kansas Attorney General 1971 1975 107 Frank van Overeem 72 73 Dutch volleyball player national team and reporter beach volleyball pioneer 108 Ashok Panagariya 71 Indian neurologist and medical researcher complications from COVID 19 109 Paola Pigni 75 Italian middle distance runner Olympic bronze medallist 1972 heart attack 110 Lucinda Riley 55 Northern Irish author and actress Auf Wiedersehen Pet cancer 111 Ron Sang 82 Fijian born New Zealand architect and art collector 112 Siddalingaiah 67 Indian poet COVID 19 113 Bob Tata 91 American politician member of the Virginia House of Delegates 1984 2014 114 Quarto Trabacchini 71 Italian politician deputy 1987 1994 115 Gerald Williams cy 92 Welsh farmer 116 Zhang Zuoji 76 Chinese politician minister of labour and social security 1998 2003 governor of Heilongjiang 2003 2007 and MP 2008 2018 117 10 Alexander 68 Azerbaijani Russian Orthodox prelate archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijan since 1999 118 Talal Bagher ar 64 65 Saudi composer COVID 19 119 Douglas Cagas 77 Filipino politician member of the House of Representatives 1998 2007 governor of Davao del Sur 2007 2013 since 2016 COVID 19 120 Buddhadeb Dasgupta 77 Indian film director Bagh Bahadur Tahader Katha Uttara and poet kidney disease 121 Elizabeth French 90 English archaeologist 122 Getatchew Haile 90 Ethiopian American philologist 123 Douglas Ley 62 American academic and politician member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives since 2012 124 Tomas Llorens Serra 84 Spanish art historian and museologist director of IVAM 1986 1988 MNCARS 1988 1990 and Thyssen Bornemisza Museum 1991 2005 125 Frank Lobman 67 Surinamese Dutch kickboxer 126 Neno 59 Portuguese footballer Vitoria de Guimaraes Benfica national team heart attack 127 Duncan Pegg 40 Australian politician Queensland MP since 2015 cancer 128 Sir Dai Rees 85 British biochemist chief executive of the Medical Research Council 1987 1996 129 Haico Scharn 75 Dutch Olympic middle distance runner 1972 130 Dingko Singh 42 Indian Olympic boxer 2000 complications from liver cancer 131 Larisa Shoygu 68 Russian politician deputy of the State Duma since 2007 132 Rudolf Zeman cs 82 Czech journalist editor in chief of Lidove noviny and dissident Charter 77 signatory 133 9 Ramiz Azizbayli 72 Azerbaijani actor film director and screenwriter The Engagement Ring complications from a heart attack 134 Rabi Banerjee 70 Indian cricketer Bengal complications from COVID 19 135 Torgny Bjork 82 Swedish musician composer and singer 136 Gottfried Bohm 101 German architect Maria Konigin des Friedens and sculptor Pritzker Prize winner 1986 137 Edward de Bono 88 Maltese philosopher lateral thinking and author Six Thinking Hats The Mechanism of Mind 138 Noel Conway 71 British assisted death campaigner assisted suicide 139 Dale Danks 81 American politician mayor of Jackson Mississippi 1977 1989 complications from a stroke 140 Claude Dufau 75 French rugby union player and manager 141 Osvaldo Gonella 53 Argentine roller hockey player World Championships medalist and manager COVID 19 142 Robert Katzmann 68 American jurist judge since 1999 and chief judge 2013 2020 for the U S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit 143 Buddhika Kurukularatne 77 Sri Lankan politician MP 1989 1994 144 Kirkland Laing 66 Jamaican born British boxer European welterweight champion 1990 British welterweight champion 1979 1980 1987 1991 145 Floor van Leeuwen 84 Dutch speed skating coach 146 Juan Nelson it 62 American bassist Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals 147 Diogo Correa de Oliveira 38 Brazilian footballer Flamengo Kalmar Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo traffic collision 148 Libuse Safrankova 68 Czech actress The Salt Prince Tri orisky pro Popelku Kolya 149 Karyna Shemchuk uk 22 Ukrainian Army lieutenant 150 Valentina Sidorova 67 Russian fencer Olympic champion 1976 and silver medalist 1980 151 Dakota Skye 27 American pornographic film actress 152 8 Jordi Aluma i Masvidal 97 Spanish painter 153 John Angus 82 English footballer Burnley national team 154 Dave Barsley 81 Australian rugby league player Western Suburbs Newtown 155 death announced on this date Sylvain Ducange 58 Haitian Roman Catholic prelate auxiliary bishop of Port au Prince since 2016 complications from COVID 19 156 Farhad Humayun 42 Pakistani singer and drummer Overload 157 Joseph Margolis 97 American philosopher 158 Edith Moskovic 89 French Holocaust survivor and activist 159 Dean Parrish 79 American soul singer 160 Tim Pickup 72 Australian rugby league player Canterbury Bankstown St Helens national team 161 K Sornam 88 Indian journalist and film director Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Thangathile Vairam 162 Gennadi Syomin 53 Russian football player FShM Torpedo Moscow Fakel Voronezh and manager Dynamo Voronezh 163 Ilpo Tiihonen 70 Finnish writer 164 Kamla Verma 93 Indian politician Haryana MLA 1977 2000 mucormycosis 165 7 Steve Austin 38 American youth pastor and writer suicide 166 Abd Rahman Yusof 64 Malaysian politician MP 1999 2004 lung cancer 167 Paul Cahill 65 English footballer Portsmouth California Surf 168 Vadim Cojocaru 60 Moldovan politician deputy since 2009 169 Douglas S Cramer 89 American television producer Wonder Woman Dynasty The Love Boat and art collector heart and kidney failure 170 Dixie Dansercoer 58 Belgian explorer endurance athlete and photographer fall 171 Ton van Dijk 77 Dutch journalist 172 Guglielmo Epifani 71 Italian trade unionist and politician general secretary of CGIL 2002 2010 and deputy since 2013 pulmonary embolism 173 Jim Fassel 71 American football coach University of Utah New York Giants and player The Hawaiians heart attack 174 Renato Iturrate 99 Chilean Olympic cyclist 1948 175 Mikhail Karpeyev 98 Russian military officer 176 Mumtaz Ali Khan 94 Indian politician 177 David C Lewis American keyboardist Ambrosia brain cancer 178 Carlos Marincovich 77 Argentine racing driver Turismo Nacional COVID 19 179 John McDonnell 82 Irish born American athletics coach 180 Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur 74 Iranian politician MP 1990 1992 2000 2004 minister of the interior 1985 1989 co founder of Hezbollah complications from COVID 19 181 Moon In soo 76 South Korean poet 182 Richard Nunns 75 New Zealand traditional Maori instrumentalist 183 Alfonso Paz Andrade es 80 Spanish fishing executive Pescanova traffic collision 184 Ben Roberts 70 British actor The Bill Jane Eyre A Little Chaos 185 Iurie Sadovnic ro 69 Moldovan folk singer suicide by gunshot 186 Augusto Salvador 80 Filipino film director Lucio Margallo Kanto Boy 2 Anak ni Totoy Guapo and editor Ang Panday 187 A L Snijders 83 Dutch writer 188 Constantin Soltan 75 Moldovan sports personality president of FC Zimbru Chișinău 1988 1991 189 Su Yiran 102 Chinese revolutionary and politician governor of Shandong 1979 1982 member of the Central Advisory Commission 1987 1992 and CCP Central Committee 1977 1987 190 Shaleen Surtie Richards 66 South African actress Mama Jack Fiela s Child Egoli Place of Gold 191 Norbert Thines de 80 German football official 192 Fulvio Varglien 85 Italian footballer Triestina Livorno Pordenone 193 Yoo Sang chul 49 South Korean footballer Ulsan Hyundai Yokohama F Marinos national team pancreatic cancer 194 John Zampieri 80 American politician member of the Vermont House of Representatives 1965 1985 195 6 Twink Allen 80 New Zealand born British equine scientist 196 Camilla Amado 82 Brazilian actress Cordel Encantado Prime Time Soap 197 Muhammad Ferdows Atasi ar 79 Syrian stage and television director COVID 19 198 Addo Bonetti 95 American politician member of the Connecticut House of Representatives 1967 1979 199 James B Brennan 95 American politician member of the Wisconsin Senate 1959 1961 state attorney of the Eastern District of Wisconsin 1961 1969 200 Leonard Crow Dog 78 American Lakota medicine man 201 Jovan I Deretic 82 Serbian publicist and writer 202 John Ernest Ekuban 84 Ghanaian politician MP 1993 1997 203 Revaz Gabriadze 84 Georgian screenwriter Mimino Kin dza dza Passport writer and sculptor 204 Avi Har Even 84 Romanian Israeli engineer complications from arson injuries 205 Rolf Hellem 97 Norwegian politician MP 1965 1981 206 Andrew Herron ru 78 American bishop of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America 207 Jacques Behnan Hindo 79 Turkish born Syrian Syriac Catholic hierarch archbishop of Al Hasakah Nisibis 1996 2019 208 Michel Host 78 79 French writer COVID 19 209 Karel Hruby 97 Czech politician and sociologist 210 Ann Hraychuck 69 American politician member of the Wisconsin State Assembly 2007 2011 cancer 211 Tarla Joshi Indian actress Kashino Dikro Gandhi My Father 212 Jaime Junaro es 72 Bolivian singer songwriter and guitarist complications from COVID 19 and diabetes 213 Mochtar Kusumaatmadja 92 Indonesian diplomat minister of justice 1974 1978 and foreign affairs 1978 1988 214 Valeriy Lonskoy 80 Russian film director screenwriter The White Crow Lethargy and writer 215 Michele Merlo 28 Italian singer songwriter complications from cerebral hemorrhage 216 Julio Miranda 74 Argentine politician governor of Tucuman Province 1999 2003 senator 1992 1999 2003 2009 and president of Atletico Tucuman 1997 1999 217 Kiyoo Mogi 91 Japanese seismologist aspiration pneumonia 218 Ei ichi Negishi 85 Japanese chemist Negishi coupling Nobel Prize winner 2010 219 Mansour Ojjeh 68 French Saudi Arabian entrepreneur 220 Risuke Otake 95 Japanese martial artist 221 Manlio Pastore Stocchi it 85 Italian literary critic philologist and academic 222 Guacu Piteri 86 Brazilian politician mayor of Osasco 1967 1970 1977 1982 Sao Paulo MLA 1971 1975 and deputy 1975 1977 223 Sanyika Shakur 57 American criminal member of Crips and author Monster The Autobiography of an L A Gang Member 224 Surekha 66 Indian actress Mulamoottil Adima Chekkeranoru Chilla Idhuthanda Sattam heart attack 225 Gerard Vergnaud 88 French mathematician and philosopher 226 Philip Wong 82 Hong Kong politician MLC 1991 2012 brain cancer 227 Vera Zelinskaya 74 Russian film production designer Window to Paris Time for Sorrow Hasn t Come Yet Of Freaks and Men 228 death announced on this date 5 Lucette Aldous 82 New Zealand born Australian ballerina 229 Bikram Keshari Barma 81 Indian politician Odisha MLA 2004 2009 COVID 19 230 Narinder Bragta 68 Indian politician Himachal Pradesh MLA since 2017 COVID 19 231 Jean Claude Caron 77 French actor Navarro 232 Philippe Courtot 76 French American entrepreneur chairman and CEO of Qualys since 2001 233 Grace Griffith 64 American folk and Celtic singer complications from Parkinson s disease 234 Maksim Ishkeldin 30 Russian bandy player Sibselmash Zorky SKA Neftyanik stroke 235 S B John 87 Pakistani singer 236 T B Joshua 57 Nigerian televangelist founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations 237 Helle Karis 77 Estonian film director Nukitsamees and screenwriter 238 Ann Russell Miller 92 American socialite and nun 239 George Murphy 58 Canadian politician Newfoundland and Labrador MHA 2011 2015 heart attack 240 Nguyễn Thu Thủy 44 Vietnamese beauty pageant winner Miss Vietnam 1994 stroke 241 Kelvin Odenigbo 20 Nigerian footballer NAF Rockets Vitebsk drowned 242 Irena Ondrova 71 Czech politician senator 1996 2002 mayor of Zlin 2006 2010 243 Atal Bihari Panda 92 Indian actor Sala Budha Aadim Vichar playwright and lyricist 244 Richard Robinson 84 American businessman and educator president and CEO of Scholastic Corporation since 1975 245 oscar Sanchez Zafra es 52 Spanish actor 246 Dore Smit 87 Dutch actress and presenter 247 Pedro Taberner 74 Spanish footballer RCD Mallorca Celta Vigo 248 Paulo Thiago 75 Brazilian film director Sagarana The Duel The Long Haul screenwriter and producer 249 Joaquim Tristany i Gual ca 94 Spanish sardana composer 250 Ruperto Valderrama es 92 Chilean rodeo rider Campeonato Nacional de Rodeo 251 William Joseph Whelan 96 British born American biochemist 252 Galen Young 45 American basketball player Charlotte 49ers Yakima Sun Kings Perth Wildcats 253 4 Jacques Amalric 82 French journalist editor in chief Le Monde 254 Ola Bernhus no 73 Norwegian journalist and editor Dagbladet Dagsnytt Romerikes Blad 255 Karla Burns 66 American opera singer and actress Show Boat stroke 256 Rafael Castillejo 68 69 Spanish researcher cultural activist and writer 257 Santiago Cid Harguindey 76 Spanish politician mayor of Verin 1983 1991 258 Roberto Derlin 78 Italian football player Genoa Spezia Calcio and manager Sestri Levante 259 Loris Dominissini 59 Italian football player Udinese Reggiana and manager Reggiana COVID 19 260 David Dushman 98 Danzig born Russian Red Army soldier and fencing trainer 261 Remco Ekkers 79 Dutch poet and writer 262 Richard R Ernst 87 Swiss physical chemist Nobel Prize laureate 1991 263 Tom Fink 92 American politician mayor of Anchorage 1987 1994 and speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives 1973 1975 264 Fausto Gaibor Garcia 69 Ecuadorian Roman Catholic prelate bishop of Tulcan 2011 2021 265 Vilen Galstyan 80 Armenian ballet dancer and actor The Color of Pomegranates 266 Tilly Hirst 79 New Zealand netball player national team world champion 1967 267 Kiyoshi Iketani 89 Japanese businessman and politician mayor of Shimoda 1984 2000 268 Dumitru Ivanov 75 Moldovan politican deputy 2005 2009 269 Vadim Kapranov 81 Russian basketball player Soviet team CSKA Dynamo Moscow and coach Olympic bronze medalist 1968 270 Dagmar Ledecka 96 Czech ballerina soloist of the National Theatre 271 Eske K Mathiesen da 77 Danish poet 272 Friederike Mayrocker 96 Austrian poet 273 Barbara Mertens 53 Belgian journalist and TV presenter Bel RTL RTL TVI cancer 274 Petr Mikshiev ru 86 Russian stage actor 275 John M Patterson 99 American politician governor of Alabama 1959 1963 276 Kalipatnam Ramarao 96 Indian poet and writer 277 Nikolai Serdtsev 73 Russian military officer commander of the Russian Engineer Troops 1999 2008 278 Wolfgang Strodter 73 German Olympic field hockey champion 1972 279 Clarence Williams III 81 American actor The Mod Squad Purple Rain The Butler colon cancer 280 Kiyomoto Yoshijirō 76 Japanese shamisen player 281 3 Isaura Abelairas 69 Spanish politician member of the Galician Parliament since 2020 cancer 282 F Lee Bailey 87 American attorney Sam Sheppard O J Simpson 283 Lakshmi Nandan Bora 89 Indian author complications from COVID 19 284 Marcel Czermak 79 French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst 285 Alajos Dornbach 85 Hungarian politician and lawyer MP 1990 2002 and deputy speaker 1990 1994 286 Georgios Drys 77 Greek politician minister of agriculture 2001 2004 287 Michael Ray Escamilla American actor The Possession of Michael King Frontera Hot Pursuit 288 Wilfried Feichtinger 70 Austrian gynaecologist 289 Willemijn Fock 78 Dutch art historian and professor Leiden University 290 better source needed Damaris Hayman 91 English actress Doctor Who Steptoe and Son Love Thy Neighbour 291 B Jaya 76 Indian actress Nyayave Devaru Devaru Kotta Thangi Sampathige Savaal 292 Sir Anerood Jugnauth 91 Mauritian politician prime minister 1982 1995 2000 2003 2014 2017 and president 2003 2012 293 Vladimir Kadannikov 79 Russian businessman and politician 294 Fernando Lima Bello 89 Portuguese Olympic sailor 1968 1972 and administrator 295 Ernie Lively 74 American actor The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Fire Down Below The Dukes of Hazzard heart failure 296 Anne van der Meiden 91 Dutch theologian professor Utrecht University and translator 297 Alan Miller 51 English footballer Arsenal Middlesbrough West Bromwich Albion 298 Ezio Motta it 90 Italian football referee Serie A 299 G N Rangarajan 90 Indian film director Meendum Kokila Ellam Inba Mayyam Kadal Meengal 300 Murat Saran 71 Bosnian footballer Sarajevo Rijeka Levante 301 Kamiel Sergant nl 86 Belgian singer 302 Valeriy Sheptekita uk 80 Ukrainian actor The Gadfly Boris Godunov 303 Arlene Tolibas 55 Filipino actress and director cardiac arrest 304 Tim Tolman 65 American baseball player Houston Astros Detroit Tigers Parkinson s disease 305 Toros Toranyan 93 Armenian writer 306 Xie Rong zh 100 Chinese anesthesiologist 307 Yoshio Yatsu 86 Japanese politician member of the House of Representatives 1986 1990 1992 2009 and minister of agriculture forestry and fisheries 2000 2001 308 John Sacret Young 75 American television writer and producer China Beach The West Wing Firefly Lane brain cancer 309 Georgy Zhemchuzhny 76 Russian actor Carnival 310 2 Luiz Pedro de Oliveira 68 Brazilian journalist and politician state deputy of Maranhao 1983 2007 chief secretary of the cabinet 2007 2009 311 Raymond J Donovan 90 American politician secretary of labor 1981 1985 heart failure 312 Vera Efremova 91 Russian stage director 313 Odero Gon 88 Italian footballer Palmanova Udinese Vittorio Falmec 314 Shah Abdul Hannan 82 Bangladeshi Islamic philosopher economist and academic administrator 315 James D Hornfischer 55 American literary agent and naval historian 316 Pasion Kristal sv 45 Mexican professional wrestler 317 Bruno Luiselli 87 Italian academic professor emeritus of Latin literature Sapienza University of Rome 318 Stanislav Lunin 28 Kazakh footballer Shakhter Karagandy Kairat cardiac arrest 319 Abdurashid Makhsudov 86 Russian actor The Fall of Otrar 320 Eric Mobley 51 American basketball player Milwaukee Bucks Vancouver Grizzlies cancer 321 Linah Mohohlo 69 Motswana economist governor of the Bank of Botswana 1999 2016 and chancellor of the University of Botswana since 2017 COVID 19 322 Henn Pai et 84 Estonian opera singer 323 James W Pardew 77 American diplomat ambassador to Bulgaria 2002 2005 324 Giuseppe Perrino 29 Italian footballer Ebolitana Battipagliese Bellaria Igea Marina heart attack 325 Les Rackley 92 British born New Zealand boxing trainer 326 G Ramachandran 73 Indian film producer COVID 19 327 David Rehling 72 Danish lawyer and journalist 328 Bijayshree Routray 67 Indian politician Odisha MLA since 1990 complications from COVID 19 329 Ottorino Sartor 75 Peruvian footballer Defensor Arica Atletico Chalaco national team 330 Bill Scanlon 64 American tennis player cancer 331 Herman Stok 93 Dutch radio and television presenter VARA 332 Tsutomu Yamazaki 74 Japanese politician member of the House of Councillors 1995 2007 2010 2017 333 1 Nizar Abedin ar 74 Syrian writer literary scholar and presenter 334 Fahad Alshaya ar Saudi Arabian news and television presenter Saudi Broadcasting Authority Al Saudiya 335 Prince Amedeo Duke of Aosta 77 Italian royal disputed head of the House of Savoy since 2006 complications from surgery 336 Hichem Djait 85 Tunisian Islamic scholar 337 Petr Dostal 74 Czech geographer and professor UJEM Charles University 338 Silvio Francesconi 68 Italian football player and manager COVID 19 339 Toni Gasperic 76 Slovenian humorist 340 Roman Hernandez Onna 71 Cuban chess grandmaster respiratory failure 341 Hsing Yin Shean 62 Malaysian politician MP 1986 1990 COVID 19 342 Khalid Jamai 76 77 Moroccan political analyst journalist and writer cancer 343 Fjodor Krivanos be tarask 58 Belarusian Orthodox priest 344 Jacques Lacoursiere 89 Canadian TV host writer and historian 345 Lim Kok Wing 75 Malaysian academic founder and president of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology complications from a fall 346 Bunny Matthews 70 American cartoonist and writer central nervous system lymphoma 347 Aleksandr Maykapar ru 74 Russian harpsichordist organist and musicologist 348 Matthieu Messagier 71 French poet 349 Jovino Novoa 76 Chilean politician and lawyer president of the Senate 2009 2010 senator 1998 2014 emphysema 350 Christian Paschold de 72 German sculptor 351 Jose Manuel Pineiro Amigo 83 Spanish politician and lawyer deputy 1977 1982 352 Vince Promuto 82 American football player Washington Redskins 353 Robert Rutman 90 German American visual artist and musician 354 Raoul Sangla 90 French journalist film director and screenwriter 355 Paula Semer 96 Belgian radio and TV presenter and actress Thuis 356 Adnan Al Sharqi 79 Lebanese football player Al Ansar and manager Al Nahda national team 357 Ian Shearer 79 New Zealand politician MP 1975 1984 minister for the environment science and technology and broadcasting 1981 1984 358 Samadagha Shikhlarov 65 Azerbaijani footballer Khazar Sumgayit Neftci Baku FK Ganca traffic collision 359 Melor Sturua 93 Russian journalist Izvestia 360 Ujwal Thapa 44 Nepalese political activist and entrepreneur COVID 19 361 Tram Iv Tek 72 Cambodian politician MP 2003 2008 since 2018 minister of posts and telecommunications 2016 2020 and public works and transport 2008 2016 362 Eugene Vaytovich 84 Belarusian politician and diplomat minister of culture 1990 1993 363 Violeta Vidaurre 92 Chilean actress La Colorina Pampa Ilusion Romane complications from Alzheimer s disease 364 Mufti Faizul Waheed 56 Indian Islamic scholar multiple organ failure 365 Previous monthsDeaths in January 2021 Deaths in February 2021 Deaths in March 2021 Deaths in April 2021 Deaths in May 2021See alsoList of deaths due to COVID 19References Veteran actor Chandrashekhar Vaidya dies at 98 in Mumbai Voormalig ABVV topman Marc Goblet 64 overleden in Dutch 岩土工程专家黄熙龄院士逝世 in Chinese Sabiq deputat Ibrahim Ibrahimli vefat etdi in Azerbaijani Former Eskom board chairman Jabu Mabuza dies Bengali actor Swatilekha Sengupta dies at 71 in Kolkata 愛國同心會會長周慶峻 確診武肺病逝 in Chinese RDC Maman Shako l une des figures de proue du theatre populaire est decedee a 62 ans in French Umer zasluzhennyj trener RSFSR po futbolu Aleksandr Averyanov in Russian Sheldon Bach L ecrivain de litterature jeunesse Dirk Bracke est decede ce mardi a l age de 68 ans in French Yves Dassonville ancien haut commissaire de la Republique en Nouvelle Caledonie est mort in French Founding Lansing Community College president remembered for service to college community Former Port of Tallinn head Allan Kiil dies after serious illness Ex deputado federal piauiense Ari Magalhaes morre aos 92 anos vitima da Covid 19 in Portuguese North Kigezi Bishop Magezi dies Longtime Mount St Mary s coach Jim Phelan dies at age 92 Umer starejshij kosmonavt mira Vladimir Shatalov in Russian Grand Murshid of the Arusi Qadiri order religious scholar Shaikh Thaika Shuaib passes away Umer operator filma DMB Anatolij Susekov in Russian Anna Verna the first and only woman to serve as president of Philadelphia City Council dies at 90 National Award winning actor Sanchari Vijay passes away at 38 Muere Gustavo Villapalos exrector de la Complutense y consejero de Educacion cuando se fundo la URJC in Spanish Skuespiller Lily Weiding er dod in Danish Retired Brooklyn Federal Judge Jack Weinstein dies at 99 Darguzashti Қorӣ Maҳmadsaidi Ҳisorӣ ovozhoni nathoni marufi toҷik in Tajik Actress Lisa Banes dies after getting struck by hit and run scooter driver Andlat Gunnar Birgisson in Icelandic Muere el expresidente de Nicaragua Enrique Bolanos in Spanish Editoria e morto Livio Caputo ex direttore del Giornale La Stampa in Italian Muere Manuel Clavero Arevalo impulsor de la Espana de las autonomias in Spanish Ushel iz zhizni Vladimir Damdinov in Russian Sir Eion Edgar dies Forre Liu rektorn Sven Erlander dod in Swedish First Commissioner for Children Dr Sir Ian Hassall remembered as an inspiration by Jacinda Ardern following his death Kerina dies from Covid 19 Indonesian doubles star Kido dies of heart attack at 36 Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi dies at 80 Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo dies at 54 E morto il fumettista Tuono Pettinato in Italian Zmarl Adam Smelczynski in Polish Selcuk Tekay a veda in Turkish Urgent mort de General Facinet Toure ancien mediateur de la republique a 87 ans in French 台灣圖書館之母 建築師王秋華辭世享壽96歲 in Chinese Ned Beatty Prolific Superman and Network Character Actor Dies at 83 Figure de la musique bretonne Georges Cadoudal le sonneur des monts d Arree a tire sa reverence in French Veteran producer KCN Chandrashekhar dies at age 69 Nie zyje Krystyna Chojnowska Liskiewicz pierwsza kobieta ktora samotnie oplynela swiat in Polish Raul de Souza lenda do jazz brasileiro morre na Franca aos 86 anos in Portuguese Former Rep Ashley Henley Murdered By Gunshot Outside Trailer Where Sister In Law Died Officials Say Penulis Toeti Heraty Noerhadi Meninggal Dunia in Indonesian इ टरन ट म ड य म इ द र ह दय श क न धन क खबर व यरल न न त ल व ध यक न ट व ट कर द श रद ध जल in Hindi Carol Jarecki verstorben in German L artiste et ecrivain Maurice Joncas est decede in French Man jailed in fatal crash at Minneapolis rally has past DWIs Morre vitima da Covid 19 Carlos Langoni ex presidente do Banco Central in Portuguese Murio Pato Larralde figura clave de la escena heavy metal argentina y sobrino de Jose Larralde in Spanish David Lightfoot Dies Australian Producer Behind Wolf Creek Rogue amp More Was 61 Olympic marathon runner Karen MacLeod dies BD Nikita Mandryka pere du Concombre masque est decede in French E morto Luciano Pagliaro ex presidente della Corte dei conti della Sicilia in Italian Milkha Singh s wife Nirmal passes away due to COVID 19 complications 泉籍著名经济学家苏东水逝世 in Chinese Bobby Unser Jr passes away Well known Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef dies at 87 Mizoram man who headed world s largest family with 39 wives and 94 children passes away at 76 Former Gloucester Rugby star Jack Adams passes away aged 34 Fallece el docente y escritor Ariel Barria cinco veces ganador del Miro in Spanish Mort du realisateur Dennis Berry qui fut marie a Jean Seberg et Anna Karina in French Morto a Milano Franco Calamida figura storica della sinistra comunista in citta in Italian Ushel iz zhizni Anatolij Chukanov in Russian Skonchalsya Andrej Nikolaevich Gorbunov in Russian Former Woodbridge open water swimming star Chad Hundeby dies suddenly at 50 Hindi scholar from Nagaland Padma Shri Piyong Temjen Jamir passes away Nie zyje prof Witold Kiezun Powstaniec warszawski mial 99 lat in Polish Aos 80 anos morre o ex vice presidente Marco Maciel in Portuguese رحيل الفنان ورسام الكاريكاتير القدير عبدالسلام مقبول in Arabic John Marinatto ran Big East in time of tumult dies at 64 Fallecio el comunicador Jesus Martin Barbero in Spanish Cingiz Qacar II Fexri xiyabanda defn olundu in Azerbaijani Birmingham news anchor Christopher Sign passes away Umer mnogokratnyj chempion mira po konkobezhnomu sportu Zhelezovskij in Russian Azerbaycanda kecmis deputat vefat etdi in Azerbaijani Bishop Ivo Baldi Gaburri Morre cineasta e ator Julio Calasso de Longo Caminho da Morte aos 80 anos in Portuguese Actor Journalist Suresh Chandra Succumbs to Covid 19 Fallece fray Valentin de la Cruz excronista de la Provincia in Spanish Art Ditmar a Pittsfield native who pitched for the New York Yankees dies at 92 Mgr Walter Michael Ebejer passes away Flamboyant businessman Geoffrey Edelsten dead at 78 Francisco Egea Garcia in Spanish John Gabriel Actor on Ryan s Hope Dies at 90 Jim Mudcat Grant first Black pitcher to win 20 games in American League dies at 85 Retired CFL offensive lineman Jon Hameister Ries passes away at age 37 Renowned actor Sando Harris passes away Former Lions offensive lineman Hessley Hempstead dies at age 49 Dame Georgina Kamiria Kirby remembered as a visionary by Maori Development Minister Poslovil se je Marko Kremzar in Slovene Jurgen Liminski verstorben in German Jon Lukas singer of 1970s hit Can t Afford To Lose passes away at 72 Indian Olympian Surat Singh Mathur passes away Luto en el boxeo colombiano fallecio Bernardo Mercado en Cartagena in Spanish El filologo Juli Moll fallece con covid 19 en la UCI del Mateu Orfila in Spanish Morto il giurista catanese Musco in Italian MJC mufti Moulana Taha Karaan has died Morreu Antonio Torrado o escritor que tinha sempre um livro para oferecer in Portuguese Former Kansas attorney general Vern Miller has died at 92 Kleurrijke Grondlegger van beachvolleybal in Nederland Frank van Overeem overleden in Dutch Padma Shri recipient Dr Ashok Panagariya dies of post Covid complications Addio Paola Pigni si e spenta a 75 anni la rivoluzionaria della corsa italiana in Italian Lucinda Riley er dod in Norwegian Ronald Fong Sang Noted Kannada Dalit poet Siddalingaiah passes away Former longtime Virginia Beach delegate beloved football coach Bob Tata dies Giuseppe Parroncini il ricordo di Quarto Trabacchini in Italian Tributes to unique character who kept alive memory of Welsh poet Hedd Wyn 黑龙江省原省长张左己同志逝世 享年76岁 in Chinese The archbishop of the Baku and Azerbaijan Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church died This is how the Saudi composer Talal Bagher mourned Davao del Sur Governor Douglas Cagas passes away Renowned filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta passes away at 77 Tollywood mourns his untimely departure It is with immense sadness that the Faculty reports that Elizabeth Lisa French passed away yesterday in Cambridge 10 June 2021 She was 90 Prof Getatchew Haile FBA 1931 2021 Colleagues mourn state rep union head and FPU professor Doug Ley Fallece Tomas Llorens creador del IVAM y exdirector del Thyssen in Spanish Oud Thaibokser Frank Lobman overleden in Dutch Morreu Neno antigo guarda redes de Vitoria e Benfica in Portuguese Heartbroken Former Queensland MP Duncan Pegg has died succumbing to cancer Rees Olympier Haico Scharn 75 overleden in Dutch Asian Games gold medalist boxer Ngangom Dingko Singh dies after recovering from Covid 19 Umerla deputat Gosdumy Larisa Shojgu sestra ministra oborony Rossii in Russian Czech dissident journalist Rudolf Zeman dies Ramiz Ezizbeyli vefat etdi in Azerbaijani Former Bengal cricketer Rabi Banerjee passes away Trubaduren Torgny Bjork ar dod in Swedish Gottfried Bohm im Alter von 101 Jahren gestorben Father of lateral thinking Edward de Bono has died Assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway dies aged 71 Dale Danks former Jackson mayor dies of complications from stroke Dax Claude Dufau une voix de l USD s est tue in French Hockey in lutto addio a Osvaldo Gonella ucciso dal covid a 53 anni in Italian https www ca2 uscourts gov docs Katzmann pdf Former MP Buddhika Kurukularatne passes away Kirkland Laing Passes Away At Age 66 Schaatscoach Floor van Leeuwen 84 overleden in Dutch Ben Harper amp The Innocent Criminals bassist Juan Nelson dies aged 62 Ex jogador do Flamengo morre apos acidente de moto em Marina in Portuguese Actress Libuse Safrankova known for her iconic portrayal of Cinderella dies aged 68 Na Donbasi zaginula 22 richna vijskovosluzhbovicya ZSU stalo vidomo im ya Geroyini Foto in Ukrainian Ushla iz zhizni olimpijskaya chempionka po fehtovaniyu Valentina Sidorova in Russian Dakota Skye Confirmed Dead S ha mort el pintor Jordi Aluma a 97 anys in Catalan John Angus 1938 2021 Vale Dave Barsley COVID 19 Hospitalise depuis plusieurs jours Mgr Ducange Sylvain est decede in French Pakistani singer Farhad Humayun passes away Joseph Margolis 1924 2021 Infatigable militante du devoir de memoire de la Shoah Edith Moskovic est decedee a Montpellier in French I m On My Way singer Dean Parrish dies at age 79 Vale Tim Pickup Voice of megastars of Tamil Nadu politics K Sornam falls silent V Voronezhe umer eks igrok Fakela Gennadij Semin in Russian Runoilija Ilpo Tiihonen on kuollut in Finnish Haryana s former Health Minister Kamla Verma dies at 93 Steve Austin 1983 2021 rekende af met het stigma dat je als christen geen psychische problemen zou mogen hebben in Dutch Former Kemaman MP Abd Rahman Yusof dies Pompey mourn Paul Cahill Un fost deputat al Partidului Liberal Reformator a decedat in Romanian Douglas S Cramer Exec Producer on Wonder Woman Dynasty and The Love Boat Dies at 89 Poolreiziger Dixie Dansercoer 58 sterft na val in gletsjerspleet tijdens expeditie op Groenland in Dutch Journalist Ton van Dijk op 77 jarige leeftijd overleden in Dutch E morto Guglielmo Epifani L ex leader Cgil aveva 71 anni in Italian Former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel dies at 71 Renato Iturrate V Harkove proshayutsya s poslednim Geroem Sovetskogo Soyuza in Russian Former Minister Mumtaz Ali Khan passes away Former Ambrosia keyboardist David Cutler Lewis passes away musicians pay tribute Murio Carlos Marincovich legendario piloto del Turismo Carretera in Spanish Legendary college athletics coach John McDonnell dies in Arkansas Iran cleric who founded Hezbollah survived book bomb dies subscription required 문인수 시인 7일 별세 향년 76세 in lang ko Man who helped breathe life back into Maori music instruments has died Fallece el empresario Alfonso Paz Andrade in Spanish The Bill actor Ben Roberts who played Chief Inspector Derek Conway has died aged 70 Interpretul Iurie Sadovnic găsit impușcat in casă in Romanian FPJ s favorite editor director Augusto Salvador dead at 80 Schrijver A L Snijders 83 overleden in Dutch A decedat Constantin Soltan fostul șef al echipei Nistru Chișinău cel care a adus campioana Europei Steaua București pe Stadionul Republican in Romanian 山东省委原书记苏毅然逝世 享年103岁 in Chinese Iconic SA star Shaleen Surtie Richards 66 has died Der 1 FC Kaiserlautern trauert um Norbert Thines in German Addio al fiumano Fulvio Varljen vesti la maglia alabardata in serie A in Italian S Korea ex football star Yoo Sang chul dies from cancer Longtime legislator John Zampieri dies at 80 Professor William Richard Twink Allen 1940 2021 Morre atriz Camila Amado aos 82 anos in Portuguese وزارة الإعلام تنعى المخرج محمد فردوس أتاسي الذي وافته المنية اليوم عن عمر ناهز 79 عاما Addo E Bonetti James Butler Brennan Jimbo Lakota Spiritual Leader Leonard Crow Dog Walked On at 78 Preminuo Jovan I Deretic NJegove teorije izazivale brojne kontroverze tvrdio da su Srbi na Balkanu dva milenijuma in Serbian First Central Regional Minister in 4th Republic passes on family wants state burial Rezo Gabriadze Legendary Georgian puppeteer dies at 84 נקבע מותו של אבי הר אבן שנפצע מבקבוק תבערה במהומות בעכו in Hebrew Tidligere stortingsrepresentant Rolf Hellem er dod in Norwegian Mitropolit Torontskij v yurisdikcii HOCNA Andrej Hirron skonchalsya na 78 m godu zhizni in Russian Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo Michel Host prix Goncourt 1986 decede des suites du Covid 19 in French Zemrel sociolog Karel Hruby posledni predseda exilove socialni demokracie in Czech Former Polk County Sheriff amp WI Assembly Rep Ann Hraychuck Passes Away Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna actor Tarla Joshi dies of a heart attack Nia Sharma and Kushal Tandon pay tribute to their badi beeji Fallece Jaime Junaro la voz de Savia Nueva in Spanish Mantan Menteri Luar Negeri Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Meninggal in Indonesian Umer rezhisser Letargii i Golovy klassika Valerij Lonskoj in Russian E morto Michele Merlo il giovane artista di Amici non ce l ha fatta in Italian Fallecio el ex gobernador de Tucuman Julio Miranda in Spanish 茂木清夫氏死去 東京大名誉教授 地球物理学 in Japanese Ei ichi Negishi one of two Nobel Prize winners from Purdue University dies McLaren Racing announces death of shareholder Mansour Ojjeh 68 Shoshinkan in Spanish Morto Manlio Pastore Stocchi studioso della filologia medievale e della cultura veneta in Italian Morre O Ex Prefeito De Osasco Guacu Piteri in Portuguese Monster Kody reportedly dead at 57 Tributes paid to Sanyika Shakur on Twitter Surekha Death ಕನ ನಡ ಚ ತ ರರ ಗದ ಹ ರ ಯ ನಟ ಸ ರ ಖ ಹ ದಯ ಘ ತದ ದ ನ ಧನ in Kannada Vergnaud Gerard Michel in French Former lawmaker Philip Wong 82 dies of cancer Umerla hudozhnik postanovshik Vera Zelinskaya in Russian Vale Lucette Aldous BJD Ex MLA Bikram Barma Dies Of Post COVID 19 Complications Former Himachal minister BJP leader Narendra Bragta passes away at PGI Commissaire Navarro le celebre adjoint de Roger Hanin Jean Claude Caron est mort dans le Lot in French Qualys Announces Passing of Former CEO and Industry Visionary Philippe Courtot Grace Griffith resilient folk and Celtic singer dies at 64 registration required Ushyol iz zhizni Maksim Ishkeldin in Russian Pakistan s renowned singer S B John passes away Nigerian televangelist prophet TB Joshua dies Suri filmide Nukitsamees ja Karoliina hobelong rezissoor Helle Karis in Estonian The US socialite who gave it all up to become a Carmelite nun George Murphy Gas Guru Former MHA Dies Suddenly Tin sốc Hoa hậu Nguyễn Thu Thủy đột ngột qua đời ở tuổi 45 vi đột quỵ in Vietnamese Napadayushij Vitebska Odenigbo utonul v ozere Futbolistu bylo 20 let in Russian Zemrela nekdejsi senatorka Irena Ondrova in Czech Veteran actor Sala Budha fame Atal Bihari Panda no more Richard Robinson longtime Scholastic CEO dead at 84 Muere el actor oscar Sanchez Zafra in Spanish Death notice Dore Theodora Adriana Plooyer Smit in Dutch Muere Pedro Taberner exfutbolista de Atletico Baleares y Mallorca in Spanish Paulo Thiago diretor de Policarpo Quaresma morre aos 75 anos no Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese Sardanes i musica per a cobla in Catalan Fallecio multicampeon de rodeo chileno Ruperto Valderrama in Spanish William Bill Whelan a renowned biochemist with a long history of influential service to the IUBMB died June 5 2021 Such a freaky terrible thing Galen Young former Charlotte 49er basketball star has died Le journaliste Jacques Amalric ancien chef du service etranger du Monde est mort in French Ola Bernhus er dod in Norwegian Karla Burns Dies Tony Nominated Showboat Actress Who Broke Olivier Award Color Barrier Was 66 Muere Rafael Castillejo el sabio que cuido el desvan de la memoria infinita de Zaragoza in Spanish Obituario Fallece Santiago Cid Harguindey exalcalde de Verin in Spanish Genoa e morto l ex capitano rossoblu Roberto Derlin in Italian Calcio Loris Dominissini e morto per il Covid aveva 59 anni l ex giocatore dell Udinese in Italian David Dushman last surviving Auschwitz liberator dies aged 98 Remco Ekkers 1941 2021 dichter docent en onvermoeibaar poeziepromotor onverwachts overleden in Dutch Richard Ernst father of the MRI dies aged 87 Tom Fink former mayor of Anchorage dies at 92 Fallecio Fausto Gaibor obispo de Tulcan Famous Armenian balletmaster Vilen Galstyan passed away Obituary Fiercely loyal former Silver Fern Tilly Hirst remembered as one of Rotorua s finest 訃報 池谷淳さん 89歳 元下田市長 静岡 in Japanese Fostul deputat și Președinte al Sindicatului Educaţiei si Stiinţei Dumitru Ivanov a decedat in Romanian Umer sovetskij basketbolist i trener Vadim Kapranov in Russian Dagmar Ledecka in Czech Digteren Eske K Mathiesen er dod efter laengere tids sygdom in Danish Schriftstellerin Friederike Mayrocker tot in German Deces de Barbara Mertens redactrice en chef de Bel RTL in French Petr Mikshiev in Russian Segregationist former Alabama Gov John Patterson dies at 99 Noted story writer Kalipatnam Rama Rao passes away in Srikakulam Ushel iz zhizni general polkovnik Serdcev Nikolaj Ivanovich 21 04 1948 04 06 2021 in Russian Wolfgang Strodter Clarence Williams III Dies Linc On The Mod Squad Was 81 清元美治郎さん新型コロナで死去76歳 初めて歌舞伎の立三味線 in Japanese Muere Isaura Abelairas la diputada y exconcejala de Vigo in Spanish Law legend F Lee Bailey dies at 87 Assamese litterateur Lakshminandan Bora dies at 89 Deces de Marcel Czermak in French Orban Viktor nyugodjek bekeben Dornbach Alajos in Hungarian Pe8ane o Giwrgos Drys prwhn ypoyrgos toy PASOK in Greek Michael Escamilla ist tot in German IVF Pionier Feichtinger gestorben in German Death notice NRC Handelsblad 5 June 2021 in Dutch RIP Damaris Hayman Veteran Kannada Actress B Jaya Dies at 77 Mauritius former prime minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth dies aged 91 Skonchalsya byvshij glava AVTOVAZa Vladimir Kadannikov in Russian Death of IOC Honorary Member Fernando F Lima Bello Ernie Lively Actor in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Films Dies at 74 Anne van der Meiden 91 die de bijbel in het Twents vertaalde overleden in Dutch Alan Miller Former West Brom Arsenal Middlesbrough and Blackburn keeper dies Calcio addio all arbitro Ezio Motta per anni a capo della sezione Aia di Monza in Italian Popular Tamil director GN Rangarajan dies at 90 in Chennai Preminuo bivsi nogometas FK Sarajevo Murat Saran in Bosnian Carnavalskeizer Kamiel Sergant 86 overleden in Dutch Umer zvezda seriala Papik Valerij Sheptekita in Russian Actress director Arlene Tolibas 55 died of cardiac arrest on Thursday June 3 Tim Tolman Leading Hitter on USC s 1978 College World Series Champs Who Played and Coached in Majors Dies Ոչ եւս է հալէպահայ ճանչցուած գրող հրապարակախօս բժիշկ Թորոս Թորանեանը in Armenian 中国现代麻醉学的开拓者和奠基人谢荣教授逝世 享年100岁 in Error in lang unrecognized language tag zh 自民党 谷津義男 元農相が死去 86歳 in Japanese John Sacret Young Dies Writer Producer Behind China Beach The West Wing And Netflix s Firefly Lane Was 75 Skonchalsya narodnyj artist Rossii Georgij Nikolaevich Zhemchuzhnyj in Russian Jornalista e ex deputado estadual Luiz Pedro morre em Sao Luis in Portuguese Raymond Donovan New Jerseyan who served as Reagan Labor Secretary dies at 90 Proshajte Vera Andreevna in Russian Addio a Odero Gon gloria Udinese degli anni Cinquanta in Italian Shah Abul Hannan passes away James D Hornfischer Luto en la lucha libre tabasquena muere Pasion Kristal in Spanish Letteratura e morto Bruno Luiselli il latinista che studiava i Barbari in Italian Ushel iz zhizni kazahstanskij futbolist Stanislav Lunin in Russian Ushel iz zhizni zasluzhennyj artist RF Abdurashid Mahsudov in Russian Former Pitt Basketball Star Eric Mobley Passes Away at 51 Ex BoB governor Mohohlo passes on aged 69 Suri Vanemuise kauaaegne ooperisolist Henn Pai in Estonian Ambassador diplomat who grew up in Arkansas dies at 77 Footballer dies in game in brother s honour Rackley Leslie Arthur RIP Actor Producer G Ramachandran passes away few days after his wife s death David Rehling er dod in Danish Former Odisha Minister Bijayshree Routray Passes Away Due To Post COVID Complications Luto en el futbol peruano Ottorino Sartor murio a los 76 anos in Spanish Bill Scanlon Presentator Herman Stok Top of Flop op 93 jarige leeftijd overleden in Dutch 山崎力元参院議員が死去 74歳 総務副大臣 予算委員長 in Japanese المـوت يـغيـب نــــزار عـابـديــن in Arabic وفاة المذيع فهد الشايع بعد معاناة طويلة مع المرض in Arabic Lutto in casa Savoia e morto il principe Amedeo Duca d Aosta in Italian Tunisie L historien et penseur Hichem Djait n est plus in French Zemrel profesor Petr Dostal in Czech Lutto nel mondo del calcio ci lascia per Covid Silvio Francesconi in Italian Umrl je Toni Gasperic in Slovene Fallece el Gran Maestro cubano de ajedrez Roman Hernandez in Spanish Ex Tanjung Aru MP dies from Covid 19 رحيل الصحافي المغربي المخضرم خالد الجامعي in Arabic Pamyor svyatar Fyodar Kryvanos daslednik represij balshavikoy suprac duhavenstva in Belarusian Le grand historien Jacques Lacoursiere n est plus in French Lim Kok Wing meninggal dunia in Malay Bunny Matthews cartoonist and chronicler of New Orleans life dies at 70 Ushel iz zhizni klavesinist Aleksandr Majkapar in Russian Disparition du poete Matthieu Messagier in French Murio Jovino Novoa ex funcionario de la dictadura y lider UDI condenado en el caso Penta in Spanish Abschied von einem Erfurter Urgestein Hasta siempre comandante in German Muere Jose Manuel Pineiro Amigo diputado en la legislatura constituyente y exsecretario de Fegamp in Spanish Vincent Louis Promuto Robert Bob Rutman ist tot in German La mort de Raoul Sangla in French Paula Semer 96 overleden een portret van een tv coryfee een taboedoorbreker en voorvechter van vrouwenrechten in Dutch وفاة المدرب التاريخي لنادي الأنصار عدنان الشرقي in Arabic Obituary Dr Ian Shearer Semedaga Sixlarov facievi sekilde oldu in Azerbaijani V SShA umer zhurnalist mezhdunarodnik Melor Sturua in Russian Bibeksheel Nepali founder Ujwal Thapa no more Senior Minister His Excellency Tram Iv Tek passes away Skonchalsya byvshij Ministr kultury Vojtovich E K in Belarusian Llora el espectaculo nacional recordada actriz Violeta Vidaurre muere a los 92 anos in Spanish Renowned Islamic scholar Mufti Faiz ul Waheed passes away at Jammu hospitalExternal linksThe Guardian UK obituaries The Telegraph UK obituaries Obituaries Chicago Tribune Obituaries Los Angeles Times The New York Times obituaries The Washington Post obituaries The Sydney Morning Herald Australia obituariesRetrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title Deaths in 2021 amp oldid 1028946826, 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