1916 Language Watch Edit This article is about the year 1916 For the album by Motorhead see 1916 album 1916 January February March April May June July August September October November December 1916 MCMXVI was a leap year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Friday of the Julian calendar the 1916th year of the Common Era CE and Anno Domini AD designations the 916th year of the 2nd millennium the 16th year of the 20th century and the 7th year of the 1910s decade As of the start of 1916 the Gregorian calendar was 13 days ahead of the Julian calendar which remained in localized use until 1923 Millennium 2nd millenniumCenturies 19th century 20th century 21st centuryDecades 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930sYears 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 19191916 in various calendarsGregorian calendar1916 MCMXVIAb urbe condita2669Armenian calendar1365 ԹՎ ՌՅԿԵAssyrian calendar6666Baha i calendar72 73Balinese saka calendar1837 1838Bengali calendar1323Berber calendar2866British Regnal year6 Geo 5 7 Geo 5Buddhist calendar2460Burmese calendar1278Byzantine calendar7424 7425Chinese calendar乙卯年 Wood Rabbit 4612 or 4552 to 丙辰年 Fire Dragon 4613 or 4553Coptic calendar1632 1633Discordian calendar3082Ethiopian calendar1908 1909Hebrew calendar5676 5677Hindu calendars Vikram Samvat1972 1973 Shaka Samvat1837 1838 Kali Yuga5016 5017Holocene calendar11916Igbo calendar916 917Iranian calendar1294 1295Islamic calendar1334 1335Japanese calendarTaishō 5 大正5年 Javanese calendar1846 1847Juche calendar5Julian calendarGregorian minus 13 daysKorean calendar4249Minguo calendarROC 5 民國5年Nanakshahi calendar448Thai solar calendar2458 2459Tibetan calendar阴木兔年 female Wood Rabbit 2042 or 1661 or 889 to 阳火龙年 male Fire Dragon 2043 or 1662 or 890Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1916 Contents 1 Events 1 1 January 1 2 February 1 3 March 1 4 April 1 5 May 1 6 June 1 7 July 1 8 August 1 9 September 1 10 October 1 11 November 1 12 December 1 13 Date unknown 2 Sport 3 In fiction 4 Births 4 1 January 4 2 February 4 3 March 4 4 April 4 5 May 4 6 June 4 7 July 4 8 August 4 9 September 4 10 October 4 11 November 4 12 December 4 13 Date Unknown 5 Deaths 5 1 January 5 2 February 5 3 March 5 4 April 5 5 May 5 6 June 5 7 July 5 8 August 5 9 September 5 10 October 5 11 November 5 12 December 6 Nobel Prizes 7 References 8 Further reading 8 1 Primary sources and year booksEvents EditBelow the events of the First World War have the WWI prefix January Edit Main article January 1916 January 1 The British Royal Army Medical Corps carries out the first successful blood transfusion using blood that had been stored and cooled January 9 WWI Gallipoli Campaign The last British troops are evacuated from Gallipoli as the Ottoman Empire prevails over a joint British and French operation to capture Constantinople January 10 WWI Erzurum Offensive Russia defeats the Ottoman Empire January 13 WWI Battle of Wadi Ottoman Empire forces defeat the British during the Mesopotamian campaign in modern day Iraq January 24 In Browning Montana the temperature drops from 6 7 C to 48 8 C 44 F to 56 F in one day the greatest change ever on record for a 24 hour period Brushaber v Union Pacific Railroad Co The Supreme Court of the United States upholds the national income tax January 29 WWI Paris is bombed by German zeppelins January 31 WWI An attack is planned on Verdun France February Edit Main article February 1916 February 3 Parliament buildings in Ottawa Ontario Canada burn down February 9 6 00 p m Tristan Tzara founds the art movement Dadaism according to Hans Arp February 11 Emma Goldman is arrested for lecturing on birth control in the United States The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra presents its first concert in the United States The Romanian football club Sportul Studențesc is founded in Bucharest February 12 WWI Battle of Salaita Hill East African Campaign South African and other British Empire troops fail to take a German East African defensive position February 21 WWI The Battle of Verdun begins in France March Edit Main article March 1916 March 8 9 Mexican Revolution Pancho Villa leads about 500 Mexican raiders in an attack against Columbus New Mexico killing 12 U S soldiers A garrison of the U S 13th Cavalry Regiment fights back and drives them away March 10 The McMahon Hussein Correspondence concludes with an understanding that the United Kingdom would recognise Arab independence in return for Hussein bin Ali Sharif of Mecca launching the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire March 15 United States President Woodrow Wilson sends 12 000 United States troops over the U S Mexico border to pursue Pancho Villa the 13th Cavalry regiment enters Mexican territory March 16 Mexican Revolution The U S 7th and 10th Cavalry regiments under John J Pershing cross the border to join the hunt for Villa March 22 The temporary Emperor of China Yuan Shikai abdicates the throne and the Republic of China is restored once again J R R Tolkien marries Edith Bratt in England they will serve as the inspiration for the fictional characters Luthien and Beren March 24 French ferry SS Sussex is torpedoed by SM UB 29 in the English Channel with at least 50 killed including the composer Enrique Granados resulting on May 4 in the Sussex Pledge by Germany to the United States suspending its intensified submarine warfare policy 1 April Edit Proclamation of the Irish Republic distributed during the Easter Rising Main article April 1916 April The toggle light switch is invented by William J Newton and Morris Goldberg Korea Tungsten was founded in Daegu as predecessor of leading steel product in Asia POSCO Pohang Steel Company citation needed April 11 WWI The Egyptian Expeditionary Force begins the occupation of the Sinai Peninsula April 20 The Chicago Cubs play their first game at Weeghman Park modern day Wrigley Field defeating the Cincinnati Reds 7 6 in 11 innings April 22 The Chinese troop transport SS Hsin Yu capsizes off the Chinese coast at least 1 000 are killed April 24 30 The Easter Rising occurs in Ireland Members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood proclaim an Irish Republic and the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army occupy the General Post Office and other buildings in Dublin before surrendering to the British Army April 24 May 10 Voyage of the James Caird An open boat journey from Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands to South Georgia in the southern Atlantic Ocean 800 nautical miles 1 500 km 920 mi is undertaken by Sir Ernest Shackleton and five companions to obtain rescue for the main body of the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition following the loss of its ship Endurance April 27 WWI Gas attack at Hulluch in France The 47th Brigade 16th Irish Division is decimated in one of the most heavily concentrated German gas attacks of the war April 29 WWI Mesopotamian campaign The Siege of Kut ends with the surrender of British Indian Army forces to the Ottoman Empire at Kut al Amara on the Tigris in Basra Vilayet May Edit Main article May 1916 May 31 June 1 Battle of Jutland between Allies and Germany May 16 United States Marines invade the Dominican Republic Britain and France conclude the secret Sykes Picot Agreement which is to divide Arab areas of the Ottoman Empire following the conclusion of WWI and the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire into French and British spheres of influence May 31 June 1 WWI Battle of Jutland between the British Royal Navy s Grand Fleet and the Imperial German Navy s High Seas Fleet 2 in the North Sea the war s only large scale clash of battleships The result is tactically inconclusive but British dominance of the North Sea is maintained June Edit Main article June 1916 June 4 WWI The Brusilov Offensive the height of Russian operations in the war begins with their breaking through Austro Hungarian lines June 5 WWI HMS Hampshire sinks having hit a mine off the Orkney Islands Scotland with Lord Kitchener aboard June 10 The Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire to create a single unified Arab state spanning from Aleppo to Aden is formally declared by Hussein bin Ali Sharif of Mecca June 15 U S President Woodrow Wilson signs a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America 3 July Edit Main article July 1916 July 1 November 18 Battle of the Somme between British and German July 1 November 18 WWI Battle of the Somme opening with explosion of the British Y Sap and Lochnagar mines and the Battle of Albert More than one million soldiers die with 57 470 British Empire casualties on the first day 19 240 of them killed the British Army s bloodiest day 4 The immediate result is tactically inconclusive July 1 12 Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 At least one shark attacks 5 swimmers along 80 miles 130 km of New Jersey coastline resulting in 4 deaths and the survival of one youth who requires limb amputation This event is the inspiration for author Peter Benchley over half a century later to write Jaws July 2 WWI Battle of Erzincan Russian forces defeat troops of the Ottoman Empire in Armenia July 15 In Seattle William Boeing incorporates Pacific Aero Products later renamed Boeing July 15 19 WWI Battle of Delville Wood 766 men from the South African Brigade are killed in South Africa s biggest loss during the First World War July 19 20 WWI Battle of Fromelles An attack by Australian and British troops is repulsed by the German army with heavy casualties July 22 Preparedness Day Bombing In San Francisco a bomb explodes on Market Street during a Preparedness Day parade killing 10 and injuring 40 Warren Billings and Tom Mooney are later wrongly convicted of it July 26 WWI East African Campaign The German armed ship SMS Graf von Goetzen scuttles herself on Lake Tanganyika July 29 Matheson Fire In Ontario Canada a lightning strike ignites a forest fire that destroys the towns of Cochrane and Matheson killing 233 July 30 German agents cause the Black Tom explosion in Jersey City New Jersey an act of sabotage destroying an ammunition depot and killing at least 7 people August Edit Main article August 1916 August Robert Baden Powell publishes The Wolf Cub s Handbook in the U K establishing the basis of the junior section of the Scouting movement the Wolf Cubs modern day Cub Scouts August 3 5 WWI Sinai and Palestine Campaign Battle of Romani British Imperial troops secure victory over a joint Ottoman German force August 7 WWI Portugal joins the Allies French and British forces make an unopposed entry into German controlled Togoland on December 27 the country is partitioned between the two allies August 9 Lassen Volcanic National Park is established in California August 15 Club Atlas is founded as an association football club in Guadalajara Mexico by English educated players August 16 The Migratory Bird Treaty between Canada and the United States is signed August 17 August 4 O S WWI The Treaty of Bucharest is signed secretly between Romania and the Entente Powers stipulating the conditions under which Romania agrees to join the war on their side particularly territorial promises in Austria Hungary August 21 WWI Peru declares neutrality August 25 U S President Woodrow Wilson signs legislation creating the National Park Service August 27 WWI The Kingdom of Romania declares war on the Central Powers entering the war on the side of the Allies August 28 WWI Germany declares war on Romania Italy declares war on Germany August 29 The United States passes the Philippine Autonomy Act August 30 The crew of the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition s Endurance is rescued from Elephant Island September Edit Main article September 1916 Troops from New Zealand during WWI September 1 Bulgaria declares war on Romania going on to take Dobruja September 2 WWI British pilot Leefe Robinson becomes the first to shoot down a German airship over Britain September 4 WWI East African Campaign Dar es Salaam surrenders to British Empire forces securing them control of the Central Line of railway through German East Africa September 5 D W Griffith s film Intolerance Love s Struggle Through the Ages is released in the United States September 6 The first true self service grocery store Piggly Wiggly is founded in Memphis Tennessee by Clarence Saunders opening 5 days later 5 September 11 A mechanical failure causes the central span of the Quebec Bridge a cantilever type structure to crash into the Saint Lawrence River for the second time killing 13 workers September 13 Mary a circus elephant is hanged in the town of Erwin Tennessee for killing her handler Walter Red Eldridge September 15 22 WWI Battle of Flers Courcelette France The battle is significant for the first use of the tank in warfare also for the debut of the Canadian and New Zealand Divisions in the Battle of the Somme September 19 WWI East African Campaign Belgian troops occupy Tabora in German East Africa September 27 Iyasu V of Ethiopia is deposed in a palace coup in favour of his aunt Zewditu September 29 John D Rockefeller becomes the first person ever to reach a nominal personal fortune of US 1 billionOctober Edit Main article October 1916 October 7 the Georgia Tech and Cumberland College football game ends in a score of 222 0 October 12 Hipolito Yrigoyen is elected President of Argentina October 14 Perm State University is founded in Russia October 16 Margaret Sanger opens the first U S birth control clinic a forerunner of Planned Parenthood October 20 Black Friday 1916 A violent and deadly storm hits Lake Erie in the United States October 21 Friedrich Adler shoots Count Karl von Sturgkh Minister President of Austria October 27 Battle of Segale Negus Mikael of Wollo marching on the Ethiopian capital in support of his son Emperor Iyasu V is defeated by Fitawrari Habte Giyorgis securing the throne for Empress Zewditu November Edit Main article November 1916 Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment marching to the trenches November 1916 November 1 Pavel Milyukov delivers his stupidity or treason speech in the Russian State Duma precipitating the downfall of the Boris Sturmer government The first 40 hour work week officially begins in the Endicott Johnson factories of Western New York November 5 The Kingdom of Poland 1916 18 is proclaimed by a joint act of the emperors of Germany and Austria Everett massacre An armed confrontation in Everett Washington between local authorities and members of the Industrial Workers of the World results in seven deaths Honan Chapel Cork Ireland a product of the Irish Arts and Crafts movement 1894 1925 is dedicated November 7 U S presidential election 1916 Democratic President Woodrow Wilson narrowly defeats Republican Charles E Hughes when California is called a week after Election Day Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes the first woman elected to the United States House of Representatives Radio station 2XG located in the Highbridge section of New York City makes the first audio broadcast of presidential election returns November 13 Prime Minister of Australia Billy Hughes is expelled from the Labor Party over his support for conscription November 18 WWI Battle of the Somme In France British Expeditionary Force commander Douglas Haig calls off the battle which started on July 1 November 21 Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria dies of pneumonia at the Schonbrunn Palace Vienna aged 86 after a reign of 68 years and is succeeded by his grandnephew Charles I WWI Hospital ship HMHS Britannic designed as the third Olympic class ocean liner for White Star Line sinks in the Kea Channel of the Aegean Sea after hitting a mine 30 lives are lost At 48 158 gross register tons she is the largest ship lost during the war November 23 WWI Eastern Front Bucharest the capital of Romania is occupied by troops of the Central Powers December Edit Main article December 1916 December 12 White Friday In the Dolomites 100 avalanches bury 18 000 Austrian and Italian soldiers December 16 Robert Baden Powell gives the first public display of the new Wolf Cub section of Scouting at Caxton Hall Westminster December 18 WWI The Battle of Verdun ends in France with German troops defeated December 21 WWI El Arish occupied by the British Empire Desert Column during advance across the Sinai Peninsula December 22 The British Sopwith Camel aircraft makes its maiden flight It is designed to counter the German Fokker aircraft December 23 WWI The Desert Column captures the Ottoman garrison during the Battle of Magdhaba December 30 Humberto Gomez and his mercenaries seize Arauca in Colombia and declare the Republic of Arauca He proceeds to pillage the region before fleeing to Venezuela December 17 Old Style The mystic Grigori Rasputin is murdered in Saint Petersburg December 31 The Hampton Terrace Hotel in North Augusta South Carolina one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the United States at the time burns to the ground Date unknown Edit The cancelled 1916 Summer Olympics in Berlin Germany Food is rationed in Germany Ferdinand de Saussure s Cours de linguistique generale is collected posthumously and published Oxycodone a narcotic painkiller closely related to codeine is first synthesized in Germany Ernst Rudin publishes his initial results on the genetics of schizophrenia Louis Enricht claims he has a substitute for gasoline Rodeo s first side delivery bucking chute is designed and made by the Bascom boys Raymond Mel Earl and their father John W Bascom at Welling Alberta Canada Gustav Holst composes The Planets Opus 32 Bray Studios begins the Farmer Al Falfa series the first of the Terrytoons The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is founded in the United States as the Society of Motion Picture Engineers Ishikawajima Automobile Manufacturing as predecessor of Isuzu a truck brand in Japan that founded page needed Sport EditMarch 30 National Hockey Association s Montreal Canadiens win their First Stanley Cup by defeating the Pacific Coast Hockey Association s Portland Rosebuds 3 games to 2 All Games were played at Montreal s Montreal Arena Due to the outbreak of World War I the 1916 Summer Olympics in Berlin Germany is cancelled In fiction EditIn the 1941 film Citizen Kane Charles Foster Kane runs for New York governor and loses Also in 1916 Emily Monroe Norton divorces him and in either this year or in 1917 he marries Susan Alexander Births EditJanuary Edit Princess Niloufer Elena Ceaușescu P W Botha Rafael Caldera January 1 Giuseppe Aquari Italian film cinematographer d 1982 Italo Viglianesi Italian trade unionist politician and syndicalist d 1995 January 2 Joseph W Schmitt American aircraft mechanic and spacesuit technician d 2017 January 3 Maxene Andrews American singer The Andrews Sisters d 1995 Betty Furness American actress and consumer activist d 1994 Bernard Greenhouse American cellist d 2011 Erik Agren Swedish boxer d 1985 Warren King American cartoonist d 1978 January 4 Princess Niloufer d 1989 Sidney Siegel American psychologist d 1961 January 5 Alfred Ryder American film radio and television actor d 1995 Wilhelm Szewczyk Polish writer poet literary critic and translator d 1991 January 7 Elena Ceaușescu Romanian politician First Lady of Romania and Deputy Prime Minister of Romania d 1989 Paul Keres Estonian chess player d 1975 January 9 Peter Twinn English mathematician and WWII code breaker d 2004 January 10 Sune Bergstrom Swedish biochemist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine d 2004 Bernard Binlin Dadie Ivorian novelist playwright poet and Minister of Culture d 2019 Richard Munch German actor d 1987 January 12 Ruth R Benerito American chemist d 2013 P W Botha 9th President of South Africa d 2006 Mary Wilson Lady Wilson of Rievaulx English poet d 2018 January 15 Hugh Gibb English drummer and bandleader d 1992 January 17 Peter Frelinghuysen Jr American politician d 2011 Tatyana Karpova Soviet and Russian actress d 2018 January 18 Silviu Brucan Romanian author and politician d 2006 January 19 Harry Huskey American computer designer d 2017 January 22 Henri Dutilleux French composer d 2013 January 23 David Douglas Duncan American photojournalist d 2018 January 24 Rafael Caldera 39th President of Venezuela d 2009 Marvin Creamer American sailor d 2020 Arnoldo Foa Italian actor d 2014 Daphne Lorraine Gum Australian educator d 2017 January 27 Stjepan Filipovic a People s Hero of Yugoslavia d 1942 January 28 Dottie Hunter Canadian baseball player d 2005 January 31 Sangoule Lamizana 2nd President and Prime Minister of Burkina Faso d 2005 February Edit Jackie Gleason Dinah Shore February 10 Louis Guttman American born Israeli university professor d 1987 February 11 Ivan Hristov Bashev Bulgarian Foreign Minister d 1971 February 12 Damian Iguacen Borau Spanish Roman Catholic prelate d 2020 February 13 John Reed British actor and opera singer d 2010 February 14 Marcel Bigeard French military officer d 2010 Sally Gray English actress d 2006 Denham Harman American gerontologist d 2014 Edward Platt American actor d 1974 Charles Wycliffe Joiner American judge d 2017 Masaki Kobayashi Japanese film director d 1996 February 15 Ernest Millington English politician d 2009 Mary Jane Croft American actress d 1999 Dingiri Banda Wijetunga 4th President and 9th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka d 2008 February 16 Karel Dufek Czechoslovak diplomat d 2009 February 18 Maria Altmann Austrian Holocaust survivor and heiress d 2011 February 20 Jean Erdman American dancer d 2020 February 23 Retta Scott first woman to receive screen credit as an animator at the Walt Disney Animation Studios d 1990 February 26 Jackie Gleason American comedian actor and musician d 1987 Preacher Roe American baseball player d 2008 February 28 Svend Asmussen Danish jazz violinist d 2017 Cesar Climaco Filipino politician Mayor of Zamboanga d 1984 Frank Crean Australian politician d 2008 February 29 Dinah Shore American singer d 1994 March Edit Paul Halmos Harold Wilson Christian B Anfinsen Eugene McCarthy March 1 Emelyn Whiton American Olympic sailor d 1962 March 2 George E Bria Italian American journalist d 2017 March 3 Paul Halmos Hungarian born mathematician d 2006 March 4 William Alland American actor producer writer and director d 1997 Giorgio Bassani Italian writer d 2000 Hans Eysenck German born psychologist d 1997 March 5 Jack Hamm American cartoonist d 1996 March 6 Rochelle Hudson American actress d 1972 March 7 Marie Therese Bourquin Belgian lawyer d 2018 March 10 Ethel Bush British police officer d 2016 March 11 Harold Wilson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom d 1995 March 13 Lindy Boggs American politician d 2013 Jacque Fresco American futurist and designer d 2017 John Aspinwall Roosevelt American businessman and philanthropist d 1981 Robert O Peterson American businessman and philanthropist d 1994 March 14 Horton Foote American writer d 2009 March 15 Frank Coghlan Jr American actor d 2009 Harry James American musician and band leader d 1983 March 16 Mercedes McCambridge American actress d 2004 Tsutomu Yamaguchi Japanese survivor of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings d 2010 March 17 Lyle Smith American football coach d 2017 Volodia Teitelboim Chilean author and politician d 2008 March 19 Irving Wallace American novelist d 1990 March 20 Pierre Messmer French politician d 2007 March 24 Donald Hamilton Swedish writer d 2006 Anna Maria Bottini Italian actress d 2020 March 26 Christian B Anfinsen American chemist Nobel Prize laureate d 1995 Dai Zijin Chinese aviator d 2017 Harry Rabinowitz British film composer and conductor d 2016 March 29 Sam Beazley British actor d 2017 Peter Geach British philosopher d 2013 Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem 6th President of Bangladesh d 1997 Eugene McCarthy U S Senator from Minnesota and Presidential candidate d 2005 March 31 Lucille Bliss American voice actor d 2012 April Edit Gregory Peck Alberto Ginastera Ferruccio Lamborghini April 1 Balilla Lombardi Italian football player d 1987 April 2 Menachem Porush member of Israeli Knesset for Agudat Yisrael d 2010 April 3 Herb Caen American journalist d 1997 Peter Gowland American photographer d 2010 Louiguy Spanish French musician of Italian extraction d 1991 April 4 David White American actor d 1990 Nikola Ljubicic 10th President of Serbia d 2005 April 5 Albert Henry Ottenweller American bishop d 2012 Gregory Peck American actor d 2003 Carmen Silva Brazilian actress d 2008 April 10 Lee Jung seob Korean oil painter d 1956 April 11 Alberto Ginastera Argentine composer d 1983 Armando Leon Bejarano Mexican politician d 2016 April 12 Beverly Cleary American children s book author d 2021 Benjamin Libet American pioneering scientist in the field of human consciousness d 2007 Movita Castaneda American actress d 2015 April 14 Pehr Victor Edman Swedish chemist d 1977 April 15 Alfred S Bloomingdale American department store heir d 1982 Helene Hanff American writer and critic d 1997 Mikiel Fsadni Maltese friar and historian d 2013 6 April 16 Hon Sui Sen Malaysian Singaporean politician d 1983 April 17 Sirimavo Bandaranaike Sri Lankan politician d 2000 A Thiagarajah Sri Lankan Tamil teacher and politician d 1981 Win Maung 3rd President of Myanmar d 1989 April 18 Carl Burgos American comic book artist d 1984 Jose Joaquin Trejos Fernandez President of Costa Rica d 2010 April 19 Bruno Chizzo Italian association footballer d 1969 Delio Rodriguez Spanish road racing cyclist and sprinter d 1994 April 21 Walter Berg German footballer d 1949 April 22 Yehudi Menuhin American born violinist d 1999 Yvette Lundy French resistance fighter d 2019 April 24 Stanley Kauffmann American film critic d 2013 Lou Thesz American professional wrestler d 2002 April 25 R J Rushdoony American founder of Christian Reconstructionism d 2001 April 26 Dorothy Salisbury Davis American writer d 2014 Vic Perrin American voice actor d 1989 Paulette Coquatrix French costume designer d 2018 Ken Wallis British aviator engineer and inventor d 2013 Werner Bischof Swiss photographer and photojournalist d 1954 George Tuska American comic strip artist d 2009 April 27 Enos Slaughter American baseball player d 2002 April 28 Ferruccio Lamborghini Italian automobile manufacturer d 1993 April 29 Ramon Amaya Amador Honduran author d 1966 April 30 Claude Elwood Shannon American information theorist d 2001 Robert Shaw American conductor d 1999 May Edit Glenn Ford Joao Havelange Ephraim Katzir Bernard Lewis May 1 Glenn Ford Canadian actor d 2006 May 4 Jane Jacobs nee Butzner American born urban activist d 2006 May 5 Zail Singh Indian politician and 7th President of India d 1994 May 6 Adriana Caselotti American actress d 1997 Robert H Dicke American experimental physicist d 1997 Sif Ruud Swedish actress d 2011 May 8 Chinmayananda Indian spiritual leader d 1993 Jens Risom Danish American furniture designer d 2016 Joao Havelange Brazilian industrialist and football league president d 2016 May 10 Milton Babbitt American composer d 2011 May 11 Camilo Jose Cela Spanish writer Nobel Prize laureate d 2002 May 14 Sammy Luftspring Canadian boxer d 2000 May 15 Vera Gebuhr Danish actress d 2014 Abbott Pattison American sculptor and abstract artist d 1999 May 16 Adriana Caselotti American Actress Voice Actress and Singer d 1997 Ephraim Katzir 4th President of Israel d 2009 Carlos Aldunate Lyon Colombian lawyer educator and activist d 2018 May 17 Jeno Fock 49th Prime Minister of Hungary d 2001 Lenka Reinerova Czech writer d 2008 May 18 Miriam Goldberg American newspaper publisher d 2017 May 20 Owen Chadwick British author and historian d 2015 Trebisonda Valla Italian athlete d 2006 May 21 Louis Crump American politician d 2019 Dennis Day American singer and actor d 1988 Leonard Manasseh British architect d 2017 Lydia Mendoza American musician d 2007 Tinus Osendarp Dutch runner d 2002 Harold Robbins American novelist d 1997 Tan Siew Sin Malaysian minister of Commerce and Industry d 1988 May 26 Halil Inalcik Turkish historian d 2016 Henriette Roosenburg Dutch journalist d 1972 May 31 Bert Haanstra Dutch filmmaker d 1997 Bernard Lewis British American historian d 2018 June Edit Hamani Diori Francis Crick Robert McNamara Dorothy McGuire Len Hutton June 3 Jack Manning American film stage and television actor d 2009 June 4 Robert F Furchgott American chemist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine d 2009 June 5 Eddie Joost baseball player and manager d 2011 June 6 Hamani Diori 1st President of Niger d 1989 June 8 Francis Crick English molecular biologist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine d 2004 June 9 Jurij Brezan Sorbian writer d 2006 Robert McNamara 8th United States Secretary of Defense d 2009 June 11 Bob Berry New Zealand dendrologist d 2018 June 12 Raul Hector Castro American politician d 2015 June 13 Ronald Atkins Welsh politician d 2020 June 14 Dorothy McGuire American actress d 2001 June 15 Olga Erteszek American undergarment designer and lingerie company owner d 1989 Horacio Salgan Argentine tango musician d 2016 Herbert A Simon American economist Nobel Prize laureate d 2001 June 16 Phil Chambers American actor d 1993 June 17 Einar Englund Finnish composer d 1999 June 18 Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala 25th President of Colombia d 2005 Roman Toi Estonian composer choir conductor and organist d 2018 June 21 Tchan Fou li Chinese photographer d 2018 Herbert Friedman American physicist d 2000 June 22 Anne Olivier Bell English literary editor and art scholar d 2018 Richard Eastham American actor d 2005 Emil Fackenheim noted Jewish philosopher and Reform rabbi d 2003 June 23 Len Hutton English cricketer d 1990 Irene Worth American actress d 2002 Al G Wright American bandleader and conductor d 2020 June 24 Saloua Raouda Choucair Lebanese painter and sculptor d 2017 Lidia Wysocka American actress d 2006 William B Saxbe American politician d 2010 June 25 Thomas Reddin American police d 2004 June 26 Dennis Filmer Malaysian sports shooter d 1981 Alvin Wistert American football player d 2005 June 27 Max Muller Swiss cross country skier Ivy Cooke Jamaican educator d 2017 June 28 Richard Best British film editor d 2004 John Evelyn Anderson British Army officer d 2007 June 29 Ruth Warrick American actress d 2005 July Edit Olivia de Havilland Edward Heath Alexander Prokhorov Gough Whitlam Sandra Gould Keenan Wynn July 1 Olivia de Havilland Japanese born British American film actress d 2020 Lawrence Halprin American architect d 2009 Thomas Hamilton Brown South African boxer July 2 Reino Kangasmaki Finnish wrestler d 2010 Alec Hill Australian military historian d 2008 Zelia Gattai Brazilian author and photographer d 2008 Hans Ulrich Rudel German pilot d 1982 Ken Curtis American screen actor and singer d 1991 July 3 John Kundla American basketball coach d 2017 July 4 Iva Toguri D Aquino Tokyo Rose American propaganda broadcaster d 2006 Adam Curle British academic and peace activist d 2006 Naseem Banu Indian actress d 2002 Fernand Leduc Canadian painter d 2014 July 5 Livia Rev Hungarian classical pianist d 2018 Ivor Powell Welsh footballer d 2012 July 6 Harold Norse American writer d 2009 Hugh Gibbons Irish Fianna Fail politician d 2007 Don R Christensen American animator cartoonist illustrator writer and inventor d 2006 July 7 Werner G Scharff American arts patron and fashion designer d 2006 July 8 Marion Hartzog Smoak American lawyer and politician d 2020 Ronald R Van Stockum American writer Jean Rouverol American actress screenwriter and author d 2017 Otto Luedeke American cyclist d 2005 July 9 Edward Heath Prime Minister of the United Kingdom d 2005 July 10 Nicholas D Antonio Salza American bishop d 2009 July 11 Mortimer Caplin American lawyer and educator d 2019 Hans Maier Dutch water polo player d 2018 Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov Russian physicist Nobel laureate d 2002 Reg Varney British actor d 2008 Gough Whitlam 21st Prime Minister of Australia d 2014 July 14 Franco Montoro Brazilian politician and lawyer d 1999 Natalia Ginzburg Italian author d 1991 July 15 Sumner Gerard American politician and diplomat d 2005 Les Dye American football player d 2000 July 16 Victor Fontana Brazilian engineer businessman and politician d 2017 Sudono Salim Indonesian Chinese businessman d 2012 July 17 Henning Brandis German physician and microbiologist d 2004 July 18 Charles Kittel American physicist d 2019 L Patrick Gray III American Federal Bureau of Investigation director d 2005 Ed Cifers American football end d 2005 Sid Kiel South African doctor and cricketer d 2007 July 19 Phil Cavarretta baseball player d 2010 July 20 Ersilio Tonini Italian Cardinal of the Catholic Church d 2013 Hans von Blixen Finecke Jr Swedish officer and horse rider d 2005 July 21 Douglas Freeman English cricketer d 2013 Sergeant Stubby World War I American hero war dog d 1926 July 22 Irene Galitzine Russian Georgian fashion designer d 2006 William A Culpepper American judge d 2015 William Harper Rhodesian politician d 2006 Marcel Cerdan French boxer d 1949 July 23 Sandra Gould American actress d 1999 July 25 Fred Lasswell American cartoonist d 2001 July 27 Elizabeth Hardwick American literary critic and novelist d 2007 Keenan Wynn American actor d 1986 July 28 David Brown American producer d 2010 July 29 Rupert Hamer Australian politician and Premier of Victoria d 2004 July 30 Dick Wilson American actor d 2007 July 31 Bill Todman American game show producer d 1979 Ignacio Trelles Mexican football player and coach d 2020 August Edit Zein Al Sharaf Talal Dom Mintoff Neagu Djuvara George Rosenkranz Van Johnson Jack Vance August 1 Fiorenzo Angelini Italian Cardinal d 2014 Olimpio Bizzi Italian racing cyclist d 1976 Edna Hughes English competition swimmer d 1990 August 2 Zein Al Sharaf Talal Queen of Jordan d 1994 August 3 Hertha Feiler Austrian actress d 1970 August 5 Kermit Love American puppeteer d 2008 August 6 Dom Mintoff 8th Prime Minister of Malta d 2012 August 7 Lawrence Picachy Indian Jesuit priest d 1992 Rose Wolfe Canadian social worker and philanthropist d 2016 August 8 Shigeo Arai Japanese freestyle swimmer d 1944 August 9 Manea Mănescu 50th Prime Minister of Romania d 2009 August 10 Lorna McDonald Australian historian and author d 2017 August 11 Johnny Claes English racing driver d 1956 William Coors American executive d 2018 August 12 Ralph Nelson American film and television director producer writer and actor d 1987 August 13 Sybren Valkema Dutch glass artist and teacher and founder of the European Studio Glass Movement also known as VRIJ GLAS d 1996 August 14 Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn Wittgenstein German night fighter pilot and flying ace d 1944 Ralph de Toledano American conservationist and author d 2007 August 16 Edythe Wright American singer d 1965 Iggy Katona American race car driver d 2003 August 18 Neagu Djuvara Romanian historian essayist and diplomat d 2018 August 19 Dennis Poore British entrepreneur financier and racing driver d 1987 August 20 George Rosenkranz Mexican co inventor of oral contraceptive pill d 2019 Paul Felix Schmidt Estonian chess player d 1984 August 21 Frank O Braynard American maritime writer and historian d 2007 Geoffrey Keen English actor d 2005 Bill Lee American playback singer d 1980 Consuelo Velazquez Mexican songwriter d 2005 August 22 Robert H Krieble American chemist d 1997 Joe Martinelli American soccer forward d 1991 August 24 Hal Smith American actor d 1994 Leo Ferre French born Monegasque poet and composer d 1993 August 25 Van Johnson American actor d 2008 Frederick Chapman Robbins American pediatrician and virologist d 2003 Saburō Sakai Japanese fighter ace d 2000 August 27 Martha Raye American actress d 1994 Larry Thor Canadian actor d 1976 Robert Van Eenaeme Belgian cyclist d 1959 August 28 C Wright Mills American sociologist d 1962 Jack Vance American writer d 2013 August 29 Luther Davis American screenwriter d 2008 August 30 Shag Crawford American baseball umpire d 2007 Kenneth Keith Baron Keith of Castleacre British life peer d 2004 August 31 Daniel Schorr American journalist d 2010 John S Wold American politician d 2017 September Edit Roald Dahl Aldo Moro Peter Finch September 1 Dorothy Cheney American tennis player d 2014 Joseph Minish American politician d 2007 September 3 Tommy J Smith Australian trainer d 1998 September 5 Allan Louisy 2nd Prime Minister of Saint Lucia d 2011 September 7 Shen Panwen Chinese chemist d 2017 September 12 Leoncio Afonso Spanish scientist d 2017 Edward Binns American stage film and television actor d 1990 September 13 Roald Dahl Welsh born author d 1990 September 14 Eric Bentley English born American critic and playwright d 2020 John Heyer Australian documentary filmmaker d 2001 September 15 Margaret Lockwood Indian born English actress d 1990 Frederick C Weyand U S Army General d 2010 September 16 Frank Leslie Walcott Barbadian labour leader d 1999 September 17 Mary Stewart born Mary Rainbow English born fantasy and mystery writer d 2014 September 18 John Jacob Rhodes American politician and lawyer d 2003 September 21 Zinovy Gerdt Russian actor d 1996 September 23 Aldo Moro 38th Prime Minister of Italy d 1978 September 24 Ruth Leach Amonette American businesswoman d 2004 September 27 Frank Handlen American artist Trento Longaretti Italian painter d 2017 S Yizhar aka Yizhar Smilansky Israeli author d 2006 September 28 Peter Finch English born Australian actor d 1977 October Edit Vitaly Ginzburg Francois Mitterrand October 2 Jim L Gillis Jr American politician d 2018 October 3 Frank Pantridge Irish physician and inventor d 2004 James Herriot English veterinarian and author d 1995 Shelby Storck American television producer d 1969 October 4 Vitaly Ginzburg Russian physicist Nobel laureate d 2009 October 7 Sir Hereward Wake 14th Baronet British army officer d 2017 October 9 Robert Brubaker American actor d 2010 October 10 Bernard Heuvelmans Belgian French cryptozoologist d 2001 Sumiko Mizukubo Japanese actress October 11 Maurice Gaffney Irish barrister d 2016 October 12 Alice Childress American actress playwright and novelist d 1994 October 14 C Everett Koop United States Surgeon General d 2013 October 15 Hassan Gouled Aptidon President of Djibouti d 2006 October 19 Jean Dausset French immunologist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine d 2009 Emil Gilels Ukrainian pianist d 1985 October 21 Eddie Carnett American baseball player d 2016 October 25 Therese Kleindienst French librarian d 2018 October 26 Francois Mitterrand President of France d 1996 October 30 Leon Day American baseball player d 1995 October 31 Phil Monroe American animator and director d 1988 Carl Johan Bernadotte Prince of Sweden d 2012 November Edit Walter Cronkite Evelyn Keyes Ramon Jose Velasquez November 4 Walter Cronkite American television journalist d 2009 November 5 Jim Tabor American baseball player d 1953 November 6 Harry Blamires British Anglican theologian literary critic and novelist d 2017 November 8 Lady Ursula d Abo English socialite d 2017 November 10 Louis le Brocquy Irish painter d 2012 November 11 Robert Carr English politician d 2012 November 12 Rogelio de la Rosa Filipino actor and politician d 1986 November 14 Sherwood Schwartz American television writer and producer d 2011 November 15 Bill Melendez American animator d 2008 November 16 Daws Butler American voice actor d 1988 November 17 Shelby Foote American historian and novelist author of The Civil War A Narrative d 2005 November 20 Hamida Habibullah Indian politician d 2018 Evelyn Keyes American actress d 2008 November 23 Michael Gough Malayan born English actor d 2011 P K Page Canadian poet d 2010 November 24 Forrest J Ackerman American writer d 2008 Frankie Muse Freeman American civil rights attorney d 2018 November 25 Cosmo Haskard Irish born former British colonial administrator and retired British Army officer d 2017 November 26 Gerhard Unger German tenor d 2011 November 27 Chick Hearn American basketball announcer d 2002 November 28 Lilian Princess of Rethy born Mary Lilian Baels English born Belgian queen consort of Leopold III d 2002 Ramon Jose Velasquez 44th President of Venezuela d 2014 November 29 Fran Ryan American actress d 2000 Helen Clare British singer d 2018 November 30 John C Harkness American architect d 2016 December Edit Kristjan Eldjarn Kirk Douglas Betty Grable December 1 Wan Li Chinese government official d 2015 December 5 Hilary Koprowski Polish virologist and immunologist d 2013 December 6 Kristjan Eldjarn 3rd President of Iceland d 1982 Pratap Chandra Lal Indian military advisor d 1982 Hugo Peretti American songwriter and record producer d 1986 December 7 George Russell Weller American salesman known for the Santa Monica Farmer s Market incident d 2010 John G Morris American picture editor d 2017 December 8 Richard Fleischer American film director d 2006 T K Whitaker Irish economist and public servant d 2017 December 9 Jerome Beatty Jr American author of children s literature d 2002 Kirk Douglas American film actor d 2020 Esther Wilkins American dentist d 2016 December 11 Damaso Perez Prado Cuban musician d 1989 December 12 Anne Vermeer Dutch politician d 2018 December 14 Shirley Jackson American writer d 1965 December 15 Maurice Wilkins New Zealand born physicist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine d 2004 December 16 Birgitta Valberg Swedish actress d 2014 December 18 Douglas Fraser Scottish born union leader d 2008 Betty Grable American actress d 1973 Franciszek Kornicki Polish fighter pilot d 2017 December 19 Roy Baker English film director d 2010 Elisabeth Noelle Neumann German political scientist d 2010 John Crutcher American politician d 2017 December 20 Morrie Schwartz American professor d 1995 December 21 Arsene Tchakarian Armenian French resistance fighter d 2018 December 24 Ron G Mason English oceanographer d 2009 Cecilia Schelingova Czechoslovakian Roman Catholic religious professed martyr and blessed d 1955 December 25 Ahmed Ben Bella Algerian politician 1st President of Algeria d 2012 Graciela Naranjo Venezuelan singer and actress d 2001 December 27 Cathy Lewis American actress d 1968 Date Unknown Edit Saad Jumaa 17th Prime Minister of Jordan d 1979 Deaths EditJanuary Edit Patriarch Cyril VIII Geha Blessed Juana Maria Condesa Lluch Lorenzo Latorre January 1 Max Bastelberger German doctor and entomologist b 1851 Adan Cardenas Nicaraguan doctor and politician 16th President of Nicaragua b 1836 January 2 Joseph Rucker Lamar Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States b 1857 Felix Sarda y Salvany Spanish Roman Catholic priest and writer b 1844 January 5 Ulpiano Checa Spanish painter sculptor and illustrator b 1860 January 7 Andres Baquero Spanish teacher and writer b 1853 January 8 Rembrandt Bugatti Italian sculptor b 1884 Eugene W Hilgard German born American soil scientist b 1833 January 9 Ada Rehan Irish born American Shakespearean actress b 1859 January 10 Guido Baccelli Italian physician b 1830 January 11 Cyril VIII Geha Greek Catholic patriarch b 1840 Takashima Tomonosuke Japanese general b 1844 January 12 Leon Autonne French engineer and mathematician b 1859 Georgios Theotokis Greek politician Prime Minister of Greece b 1844 January 13 George Bengescu Dabija Wallachian born Romanian poet playwright and general b 1844 Vasile Hossu Romanian Orthodox priest and bishop b 1866 Victoriano Huerta Mexican general and statesman 35th President of Mexico b 1850 7 January 14 Otto Ammon German anthropologist b 1842 January 15 Vojtech Alexander Slovakian radiologist b 1857 January 16 Arnold Aletrino Dutch physician b 1858 William Montrose Graham Jr American general b 1834 Juana Maria Condesa Lluch Spanish Roman Catholic religious professed and blessed b 1862 January 17 Arthur V Johnson American actor and director b 1876 January 18 Lorenzo Latorre Uruguayan officer and politician 11th President of Uruguay b 1844 January 19 Dora Knowlton Ranous American actress author and translator b 1859 Antoine Simon French composer b 1850 January 20 Ephraim Francis Baldwin American architect b 1837 January 30 Sir Clements Markham British explorer and geographer b 1830 February Edit Metropolitan Ioan Mețianu Blessed Ludwika Szczesna Ernst Mach February 3 Metropolitan Ioan Mețianu Romanian cleric b 1828 February 6 Ruben Dario Nicaraguan writer b 1867 Isala Van Diest Belgian physician b 1842 February 7 Franklin E Brooks U S House of Representatives from Colorado b 1847 Ludwika Szczesna Polish Roman Catholic nun and blessed b 1863 February 9 Anton Yegorovich von Saltza Russian general b 1843 February 12 Richard Dedekind German mathematician b 1831 February 13 Vilhelm Hammershoi Danish painter b 1864 Carlos Antonio Mendoza Panamanian politician acting President of Panama b 1856 February 18 Hans Schmidt German Roman Catholic priest executed b 1881 February 19 Ernst Mach Austrian physicist and philosopher b 1838 February 20 Klas Pontus Arnoldson Swedish writer and pacifist recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize b 1844 February 21 Karl Begas German sculptor b 1845 February 23 Jabez Balfour English businessman b 1843 Domenico Lovisato Italian geologist b 1842 Hugo von Pohl German admiral b 1855 February 25 David Bowman Australian politician b 1860 February 26 Tomasa Ortiz Real Spanish Roman Catholic religious professed and blessed b 1842 February 27 Ugo Balzani Italian historian b 1847 February 28 Henry James American writer b 1843 March Edit Franz Marc Herman Gesellius March 2 Elisabeth of Wied Queen consort of Romania b 1843 March 4 Franz Marc German Expressionist painter killed in action b 1880 William Sooy Smith American Union general and engineer b 1830 March 7 Fred Donovan American baseball player b 1844 March 9 Arnold Spencer Smith British explorer clergyman and amateur photographer b 1883 March 11 Florence Baker Hungarian born British explorer b 1841 Henry G Davis American politician b 1823 March 12 William M O Dawson 12th Governor of West Virginia b 1853 March 15 John Beveridge Australian businessman Mayor of Redfern b 1848 March 16 Thomas King New Zealander astronomer b 1858 March 19 John J Davis American politician U S Representatives from West Virginia b 1835 Girolamo Maria Gotti Italian Discalced Carmelite friar and Roman Catholic cardinal b 1834 Vasily Surikov Russian painter b 1848 March 20 Ota Benga Congolese pygmy brought to America as part of an exhibition at the Bronx zoo b 1883 March 24 Herman Gesellius French architect b 1874 Enrique Granados Spanish composer ship sinking b 1867 March 25 Ishi last known member of the Yana people b 1860 March 28 Paul von Plehwe Russian general b 1850 March 30 Nakamuta Kuranosuke Japanese admiral b 1837 April Edit Prince Leopold Clement of Saxe Coburg and Gotha April 4 Alfred Cogniaux Belgian botanist b 1841 Max Lewandowsky German neurologist b 1876 April 7 Shigeyoshi Matsuo Japanese businessman b 1843 April 11 Richard Harding Davis American journalist and author b 1864 April 14 Gina Krog Norwegian suffragist activist and editor b 1847 April 16 Alexander Meyrick Broadley British barrister b 1846 April 19 Ephraim Shay American inventor b 1839 April 21 Ubaldo Pacchierotti Italian composer b 1876 John Surratt suspected of involvement in the Abraham Lincoln assassination son of Mary Surratt b 1844 April 27 Prince Leopold Clement of Saxe Coburg and Gotha b 1878 April 28 Edward Felix Baxter English recipient of the Victorian Cross b 1885 May Edit Karl Schwarzschild James Connolly Vladimir Jindrich Bufka Ivan Franko May 1 Lydia Zvereva first Russian woman to earn a pilot s license b 1890 May 2 Jules Blanchard French sculptor b 1832 May 3 Patrick Pearse Irish teacher barrister poet writer political activist and nationalist executed b 1879 Thomas MacDonagh Irish poet playwright educationalist and revolutionary leader executed b 1878 Tom Clarke Irish republican leader of the Irish Republican Brotherhood executed b 1858 May 4 Lord John Hay British admiral and politician b 1827 Joseph Plunkett Irish nationalist republican poet journalist revolutionary executed b 1887 Hector Sevin Italian Roman Catholic cardinal b 1852 May 6 Hans Chiari Austrian pathologist b 1851 May 8 Mabel Beardsley English actress b 1871 William Burnyeat British politician b 1837 Eamonn Ceannt Irish republican executed b 1881 Aeneas Mackintosh British Merchant Navy officer and Antarctic explorer b 1879 Victor Hayward British explorer b 1887 May 11 Max Reger German modernist composer b 1873 Karl Schwarzschild German physicist b 1873 Tiresias Simon Sam 16th President of Haiti b 1835 May 12 James Connolly Irish socialist and political activist executed b 1868 Sean Mac Diarmada Irish republican executed b 1883 May 13 Sholem Aleichem Ukrainian Yiddish writer b 1859 Jan Bahyľ Slovak engineer and inventor b 1856 Margaret Benson English author b 1865 Emile Petitot French Roman Catholic missionary b 1838 May 18 Chen Qiemi Chinese politician b 1878 May 19 Georges Boillot French Grand Prix driver killed in action b 1884 May 21 Artur Gorgei Hungarian military general and politician b 1818 May 23 Vladimir Jindrich Bufka Czechoslovak photographer b 1887 May 27 Joseph Gallieni French general b 1849 May 28 Ivan Franko Ukrainian political activist b 1856 May 31 Horace Hood British admiral killed in action b 1870 June Edit Yuan Shikai Alberto Elmore Fernandez de Cordoba June 2 Paul von Bruns German surgeon b 1846 June 5 Herbert Kitchener 1st Earl Kitchener British field marshal and statesman drowned b 1850 June 6 Yuan Shikai Chinese military official and politician Emperor of China and 1st President of the Republic of China b 1859 June 7 Alberto Elmore Fernandez de Cordoba Peruvian diplomat and politician 52nd Prime Minister of Peru b 1844 Emile Faguet French writer and critic b 1847 June 9 Richard C Saufley American naval aviation pioneer b 1884 June 12 Silvanus P Thompson English professor of physics electrical engineer member of the Royal Society and author b 1851 June 17 Edwin Monroe Bacon English writer b 1844 June 18 Max Immelmann German fighter ace killed in action b 1890 Helmuth von Moltke the Younger German general b 1848 June 22 Tanaka Yoshio Japanese naturalist b 1838 June 24 Victor Chapman French born American fighter pilot killed in action b 1890 June 25 Thomas Eakins American realist painter b 1844 June 29 Georges Lacombe French painter b 1868 June 30 Russell Barton British born Australian politician b 1830 Eunice Eloisae Gibbs Allyn American correspondent author and songwriter b 1847 July Edit Servant of God Jeremiah Lomnytskyj Cesare Battisti William Ramsay July 1 Eugene Bourdon Belgian architect b 1870 July 2 Mikhail Pomortsev Russian meteorologist b 1851 July 3 Hetty Green American businesswoman b 1834 Alfred Kleiner Swiss physicist b 1849 Jeremiah Lomnytskyj Ukrainian Basilian priest missionary and servant of God b 1860 July 6 Odilon Redon French painter b 1840 July 7 Margarethe Hormuth Kallmorgen German painter b 1835 July 12 Cesare Battisti Italian patriot geographer and politician b 1875 July 15 Elie Metchnikoff Russian microbiologist recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine b 1845 July 16 Regino Garcia Filipino artist b 1840 Sir Victor Horsley English physician and surgeon b 1857 July 20 Reinhard Sorge German dramatist and poet killed in action b 1892 July 22 James Whitcomb Riley American poet b 1849 July 23 Sir William Ramsay British chemist Nobel Prize laureate b 1852 July 26 Gustave Maria Blanche French Roman Catholic priest and bishop b 1849 Johannes Ranke German physiologist b 1836 July 27 Arthur Winton Brown New Zealander politician Mayor of Wellington b 1856 Charles Fryatt British mariner executed b 1872 July 29 Claude Castleton Australian VC recipient killed in action b 1893 August Edit Pierre de Segur Umberto Boccioni August 3 Roger Casement Irish nationalist executed b 1864 August 5 George Butterworth English composer b 1885 August 7 Kittredge Haskins American lawyer and politician U S House of Representatives from Vermont b 1836 August 8 Lily Braun German writer b 1865 Kamimura Hikonojō Japanese admiral b 1849 Oscar Linkson English football player b 1888 August 9 Guido Gozzano Italian poet and writer b 1883 August 10 S Isadore Miner American columnist writing as Pauline Periwinkle b 1863 August 13 Pierre de Segur French historian b 1853 August 17 Umberto Boccioni Italian painter and sculptor b 1882 August 18 Marcel Brindejonc des Moulinais French aviator b 1892 August 30 Alexander Boarman American judge U S House of Representatives of Louisiana b 1839 August 31 Martha McClellan Brown American activist b 1838 John St John American temperance leader and Governor of Kansas b 1833 September Edit Gennady Ladyzhensky Gerald Arbuthnot September 2 Gennady Ladyzhensky Russian painter b 1852 Felipe Trigo Spanish writer b 1864 September 4 Jose Echegaray Spanish writer Nobel Prize laureate b 1832 September 7 Annie Le Porte Diggs Canadian born American activist and librarian b 1853 September 8 Friedrich Baumfelder German composer conductor and pianist b 1836 James Gray American journalist 19th Mayor of Minneapolis b 1862 September 12 Zygmunt Balicki Polish sociologist b 1858 September 14 Pierre Duhem French physicist b 1861 September 15 Raymond Asquith English barrister b 1878 Josiah Royce American philosopher b 1855 September 17 Seth Low American politician and educator Mayor of New York City b 1850 September 25 Gerald Arbuthnot British soldier and politician b 1872 September 29 Albert John Cook American entomologist and zoologist b 1842 October Edit Blessed Isidore De Loor King Otto of Bavaria October 3 James Burgess British archaeologist b 1832 Dmytro Yaremko Ukrainian Eastern Catholic hierarch and bishop b 1879 October 6 Isidore De Loor Belgian Roman Catholic religious professed and blessed b 1881 October 10 Antonio Sant Elia Italian architect killed in action b 1888 October 11 King Otto of Bavaria b 1848 October 12 Tony Jannus American aviator and aircraft designer b 1889 October 18 Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench Spanish painter b 1849 October 21 Olindo Guerrini Italian poet b 1845 Karl von Sturgkh Prime Minister of Austria b 1859 October 25 Gerard Encausse Papus French occultist b 1865 October 28 Oswald Boelcke German World War I fighter ace b 1891 Cleveland Abbe American meteorologist b 1838 October 29 John Sebastian Little American politician and congressman b 1851 October 31 Tina Blau Austrian painter b 1845 Charles Taze Russell Protestant evangelist forerunner of Jehovah s Witnesses b 1852 Huang Xing Chinese revolutionary leader and politician and the first commander in chief of the Republic of China b 1874 November Edit Prince Mircea of Romania Prince Heinrich of Bavaria Francisco da Veiga Beirao Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria Jack London November 1 Franz Prince of Thun and Hohenstein Austrian noble and statesman Prime Minister b 1847 November 2 Prince Mircea of Romania b 1913 November 3 August Lindberg Swedish actor director and manager b 1846 November 4 John Bingham 5th Baron Clanmorris Irish peer b 1838 Ella Loraine Dorsey American author journalist and translator d 1935 November 5 Francesco Salesio Della Volpe Italian Roman Catholic cardinal b 1844 November 6 Sultan Ali Dinar b 1856 November 8 Prince Heinrich of Bavaria b 1884 November 9 Ludwig Bruns German neurologist b 1856 Ion Dragalina Romanian general died of wounds b 1860 November 10 Walter Sutton American geneticist and physician b 1877 November 11 Frank Chesterton British architect b 1877 Francisco da Veiga Beirao Portuguese politician 53rd Prime Minister of Portugal b 1841 November 12 Percival Lowell American astronomer b 1855 November 14 Franklin Ware Mann American inventor b 1856 Saki British writer b 1870 November 15 Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish writer Nobel Prize laureate b 1846 November 21 Chester Adgate Congdon American mining magnate b 1853 Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria b 1830 November 22 Jack London American author b 1876 November 23 Lanoe Hawker VC British World War I fighter ace killed in action by Manfred von Richthofen b 1890 November 24 Princess Adelheid Marie of Anhalt Dessau b 1833 John Francis Barnett English teacher b 1851 Sir Hiram Maxim American firearms inventor b 1840 November 27 Emile Verhaeren Belgian poet b 1855 November 28 Martinus Theunis Steyn Boer lawyer politician and statesman sixth and last President of the Orange Free State 1896 1902 b 1857 November 30 Demetrio Alonso Castrillo Spanish politician b 1841 December Edit Blessed Charles de Foucauld Blessed Giulia Valle Blessed Honorat da Biala King Thibaw Min Saint Albert Chmielowski Grigori Rasputin December 1 Charles de Foucauld French Roman Catholic religious professed priest and blessed b 1858 December 2 William Brownell Australian politician b 1862 Hughie Hughes British racecar driver b 1885 Jose Verissimo Brazilian writer b 1857 December 4 Paul Allard French archaeologist and historian b 1841 December 5 Princess Augusta of Cambridge b 1822 Hans Richter Austrian Hungarian conductor b 1843 December 6 Signe Hornborg Finnish architect b 1856 December 8 John Porter Merrell American admiral b 1846 December 9 Pierre Paul Leroy Beaulieu French economist b 1843 Natsume Sōseki Japanese writer b 1867 Clara Ward Princesse de Caraman Chimay b 1873 December 10 Ōyama Iwao Japanese field marshal and a founder of the Imperial Japanese Army b 1842 December 11 Valentin Diaz Filipino patriot during the Philippine Revolution b 1845 Zoilo H Garcia Dominican engineer and aviator b 1881 December 12 Edwin Atlee Barber American archaeologist b 1851 December 14 Nicolai Soloviev Russian composer b 1846 December 15 Jose Maria de Alpoim Portuguese journalist b 1857 December 16 Friedrich Ernst Dorn German physicist b 1848 Honorat da Biala Polish Roman Catholic priest and blessed b 1829 Hugo Munsterberg German born American psychologist b 1856 Ognjeslav Stepanovic Serbian inventor b 1851 December 18 George W Cook U S Representative from Colorado b 1851 Giulia Valle Italian Roman Catholic nun and blessed b 1847 December 19 Doug Allison American baseball player b 1846 Thibaw Min King of Burma b 1859 December 22 George A Woodward American general b 1835 December 25 Albert Chmielowski Polish Roman Catholic religious professed and saint b 1845 John Dunne Australian Roman Catholic bishop and reverend b 1846 December 28 Eduard Strauss Austrian composer b 1835 December 30 Grigori Rasputin Russian mystic assassinated b 1869 Leopold Sulerzhitsky Russian painter b 1872 Nobel Prizes Edit Physics not awarded Chemistry not awarded Medicine not awarded Literature Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam Peace not awardedReferences Edit Bailey Peter December 15 2005 Torpedoed on the crossing to Dieppe Sussex Express Lewes Archived from the original on September 5 2017 Retrieved August 23 2013 The Hutchinson Factfinder Helicon 1999 p 483 ISBN 1 85986 000 1 Woodrow Wilson Scouting org June 15 1916 Archived from the original on December 22 2015 Retrieved December 10 2015 Sheffield Gary 2003 The Somme Cassell p 68 ISBN 0 304 36649 8 See you at the Piggly Wiggly Pink Palace Family of Museums Archived from the original on October 14 2007 Retrieved October 22 2007 Gatt Pawl 2013 Patri Mikiel Fsadni Akkademja tal Malti in Maltese Archived from the original on September 19 2020 BIOGRAFIA DE VICTORIANO HUERTA Biography of Victoriano Huerta in Spanish Historia Biografia com Retrieved May 29 2019 Further reading EditWilliams John The Other Battleground The Home Fronts Britain France and Germany 1914 1918 1972 pp 109 74 Primary sources and year books Edit New International Year Book 1916 1917 Comprehensive coverage of world and national affairs 938pp Who s who in New England A N Marquis 1915 p 1 Early Advertising Fishing for Suckers at Duke UniversityRetrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title 1916 amp oldid 1020542283, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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