1838 Language Watch Edit 1838 MDCCCXXXVIII was a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar the 1838th year of the Common Era CE and Anno Domini AD designations the 838th year of the 2nd millennium the 38th year of the 19th century and the 9th year of the 1830s decade As of the start of 1838 the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ahead of the Julian calendar which remained in localized use until 1923 Millennium 2nd millenniumCenturies 18th century 19th century 20th centuryDecades 1810s 1820s 1830s 1840s 1850sYears 1835 1836 1837 1838 1839 1840 18411838 in various calendarsGregorian calendar1838 MDCCCXXXVIIIAb urbe condita2591Armenian calendar1287 ԹՎ ՌՄՁԷAssyrian calendar6588Balinese saka calendar1759 1760Bengali calendar1245Berber calendar2788British Regnal year1 Vict 1 2 Vict 1Buddhist calendar2382Burmese calendar1200Byzantine calendar7346 7347Chinese calendar丁酉年 Fire Rooster 4534 or 4474 to 戊戌年 Earth Dog 4535 or 4475Coptic calendar1554 1555Discordian calendar3004Ethiopian calendar1830 1831Hebrew calendar5598 5599Hindu calendars Vikram Samvat1894 1895 Shaka Samvat1759 1760 Kali Yuga4938 4939Holocene calendar11838Igbo calendar838 839Iranian calendar1216 1217Islamic calendar1253 1254Japanese calendarTenpō 9 天保9年 Javanese calendar1765 1766Julian calendarGregorian minus 12 daysKorean calendar4171Minguo calendar74 before ROC 民前74年Nanakshahi calendar370Thai solar calendar2380 2381Tibetan calendar阴火鸡年 female Fire Rooster 1964 or 1583 or 811 to 阳土狗年 male Earth Dog 1965 or 1584 or 812Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1838 October 1 Battle of Maella Contents 1 Events 1 1 January March 1 2 April June 1 3 July September 1 4 October December 1 5 Date unknown 2 Births 2 1 January March 2 2 April June 2 3 July September 2 4 October December 2 5 Date unknown 3 Deaths 3 1 January June 3 2 July December 4 ReferencesEvents EditJanuary March Edit January 10 A fire destroys Lloyd s Coffee House and the Royal Exchange in London January 11 At Morristown New Jersey Samuel Morse Alfred Vail and Leonard Gale give the first public demonstration of Morse s new invention the telegraph 1 January 21 The first known report about the lowest temperature on Earth is made indicating 60 C 76 F in Yakutsk February 6 Boer explorer Piet Retief and 60 of his men are massacred by King Dingane kaSenzangakhona of the Zulu people after Retief accepts an invitation to celebrate the signing of a treaty and his men willingly disarm as a show of good faith 2 February 17 Weenen massacre Zulu impis massacre about 532 Voortrekkers Khoikhoi and Basuto around the site of Weenen in South Africa February 24 U S Representatives William J Graves of Kentucky and Jonathan Cilley of Maine face each other in a duel with rifles at 80 yards near Bladensburg Maryland On the third attempt Congressman Cilley is fatally wounded and bleeds to death 3 March 13 A combination of rain and melting snow cause the Danube River to overflow its banks washing away villages in western Hungary and inundating the twin cities that become Budapest More than 150 people are drowned and Europe s nations come to Hungary s aid to prevent the spread of famine and disease 4 March 31 The first installment of Nicholas Nickleby the new novel by Charles Dickens is released as the opener of a 20 part serialization in London 5 April June Edit April 4 22 The paddle steamer SS Sirius makes the transatlantic crossing to New York from Cork Ireland in 18 days though not using steam continuously 6 April 8 23 Isambard Kingdom Brunel s paddle steamer SS Great Western 1838 makes the transatlantic crossing to New York from Avonmouth England in 15 days inaugurating a regular steamship service 7 April 30 Nicaragua declares independence from the Federal Republic of Central America 8 May The People s Charter is drawn up in the United Kingdom demanding universal suffrage Lord Durham and his entourage arrive in Upper Canada to investigate the cause of the 1837 rebellion in that province This leads to Durham submitting the Durham Report to Britain An insurrection breaks out in Tizimin beginning the campaign for the independence of Yucatan from Mexico May 26 Trail of Tears The Cherokee Nation is forcibly relocated in the United States May 28 Braulio Carrillo is sworn in as Head of State of Costa Rica thus beginning his second term in office June 10 Myall Creek massacre 28 Indigenous Australians are killed June 28 The coronation of Queen Victoria takes place at Westminster Abbey in London 9 July September Edit July 4 In the United States the Iowa Territory is formally established following the signing of a bill by President Martin Van Buren on June 12 In addition to Iowa which will become a state on December 28 1846 the Territory also includes most of what will become the states of Minnesota North Dakota and South Dakota Robert Lucas former Governor of Ohio takes office as the first Territorial Governor 10 August 1 Former slaves in Jamaica are freed of their indentures August 6 The Polytechnic Institution predecessor of the University of Westminster and Britain s first polytechnic opens in Regent Street London 11 September 7 Grace Darling and her father rescue 13 survivors from the Forfarshire off the Farne Islands September 18 The Anti Corn Law League is established by Richard Cobden October December Edit October 1 First Carlist War Battle of Maella Supporters of Infante Carlos Count of Molina are victorious October 5 Killough massacre believed to be both the largest and last Native American attack on white settlers in East Texas 18 casualties are either killed or carried away October 27 Lilburn Boggs Governor of Missouri by Missouri Executive Order 44 declares Mormons to be enemies of the state and encourages the extermination or exile of the religious minority forcing nearly 10 000 Mormons out of the state 12 November 3 The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce is founded renamed The Times of India in 1861 November 5 Dissolution of the Federal Republic of Central America Honduras and Costa Rica follow the example of Nicaragua and secede from the federation 8 November 16 Austria Moravia opens the final section of Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway Rajhrad Brno for exhibition preliminary use November 27 Pastry War Mexico is invaded by French forces December 16 Battle of Blood River The Boers win a decisive victory over the Zulus December First Anglo Afghan War British and Presidency armies set out from Punjab in support of Shah Shujah Durrani s claim to the throne of Afghanistan Date unknown Edit The Pitcairn Islands become a Crown colony of the United Kingdom and women there are the first in the world to be granted and maintain women s suffrage 13 Proteins are discovered by Gerardus Johannes Mulder 14 and named by Jons Jacob Berzelius 15 Friedrich Bessel makes the first accurate measurement of distance to a star Biblical criticism Christian Hermann Weisse proposes the two source hypothesis Duke University is established in North Carolina The 5th century BC bronze Chatsworth Head is acquired by the 6th Duke of Devonshire at Smyrna from H P Borrell Births EditJanuary March Edit Ernst Mach Ernest Solvay Isabelle Bogelot January 4 General Tom Thumb American circus performer entertainer d 1883 January 6 Anton Berindei Wallachian born Romanian general and politician d 1899 Max Bruch German composer d 1920 January 16 Franz Brentano German philosopher psychologist d 1917 January 29 Edward W Morley American chemist noted for working on the Michelson Morley experiment d 1923 February 2 John Joseph Jolly Kyle Scots born Argentine chemist d 1922 February 6 Sir Henry Irving English actor d 1905 February 9 Sir Evelyn Wood British field marshal Victoria Cross recipient d 1919 February 12 Julius Dresser American writer d 1893 February 13 Annetta Seabury Dresser American writer d 1893 February 16 Henry Brooks Adams American historian d 1918 February 18 Ernst Mach Austrian physicist philosopher d 1916 March 3 George William Hill American astronomer d 1914 March 11 Ōkuma Shigenobu Japanese politician d 1922 March 12 Sir William Perkin English chemist d 1907 March 15 Alice Cunningham Fletcher American ethnologist anthropologist and social scientist d 1923 April June Edit April 2 Leon Gambetta 37th Prime Minister of France d 1882 April 3 John Willis Menard African American politician d 1893 April 12 John Shaw Billings American military and medical leader d 1913 April 16 Ernest Solvay Belgian chemist industrialist and philanthropist d 1922 Martha McClellan Brown American temperance movement leader d 1916 April 18 Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran French chemist d 1912 April 21 John Muir American ecologist d 1914 April 28 Tobias Asser Dutch jurist recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize d 1913 May 10 John Wilkes Booth American actor assassin of Abraham Lincoln d 1865 May 11 Isabelle Bogelot French philanthropist d 1923 May 20 Jules Meline French statesman d 1925 July full date unknown Bass Reeves one of the first black Deputy U S Marshals west of the Mississippi River d 1910 June 14 Yamagata Aritomo Japanese field marshal Prime Minister d 1922 June 19 Mary Cole Walling American patriot lecturer d 1925 June 24 Gustav von Schmoller German economist d 1917 June 27 Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Indian author d 1894 July September Edit Ferdinand von Zeppelin Georges Bizet July 1 Marie Louise Jay French businesswoman d 1925 July 5 Vatroslav Jagic Croatian scholar d 1923 July 7 Felice Napoleone Canevaro Italian admiral d 1926 July 8 Ferdinand von Zeppelin German military officer founder of the Zeppelin Company d 1917 July 11 John Wanamaker American merchant and religious civic and political figure d 1922 July 20 Sir George Trevelyan 2nd Baronet British statesman author d 1928 September 2 Bhaktivinoda Thakur Indian guru philosopher d 1914 Liliuokalani last Queen of Hawaii d 1917 September 17 Valeriano Weyler Spanish general d 1930 September 21 Constantin Budișteanu birth also reported as November 4 Wallachian born Romanian soldier and politician d 1911 Victoria Woodhull American woman s suffrage leader first woman to run for U S President d 1927 September 27 Lawrence Sullivan Ross Confederate brigadier general Texas governor and president of Texas A amp M University d 1898 September 28 Sai Baba Indian spiritual master and National saint d 1918 September 29 Henry Hobson Richardson American architect d 1886 September 30 Phoebe Jane Babcock Wait American physician d 1904 October December Edit October 6 Giuseppe Cesare Abba Italian patriot writer d 1910 October 8 John Hay diplomat private secretary to Abraham Lincoln 37th United States Secretary of State d 1905 October 25 Georges Bizet French composer d 1875 October 31 King Luis I of Portugal d 1889 November 1 Khedrup Gyatso 11th Dalai Lama d 1856 November 4 Constantin Budișteanu birth also reported as September 21 Wallachian born Romanian soldier and politician d 1911 November 7 Auguste Villiers de l Isle Adam French writer d 1889 November 8 Rufus W Peckham Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States d 1909 November 13 Joseph F Smith 6th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints d 1918 November 17 Sir Lambton Loraine 11th Baronet British naval officer d 1917 November 20 Hedvig Raa Winterhjelm pioneer Scandinavian actor d 1907 November 23 Stephanos Skouloudis 34th Prime Minister of Greece d 1928 December 3 Cleveland Abbe American meteorologist d 1916 December 3 Octavia Hill British social reformer d 1912 December 19 Darinka Petrovic Princess consort of Montenegro d 1892 December 20 Edwin Abbott Abbott English theologian author d 1926 December 30 Emile Loubet 8th President of France d 1929 Date unknown Edit Jamal al Din al Afghani Islamic teacher writer d 1897 Deaths EditJanuary June Edit January 3 Maximilian Hereditary Prince of Saxony b 1759 January 5 Anthony Van Egmond leader in Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837 d in jail b 1778 January 12 Joshua Humphreys American naval architect b 1751 January 13 John Scott 1st Earl of Eldon Lord Chancellor of Great Britain b 1751 February 21 Silvestre de Sacy French linguist b 1758 February 24 Christoph Johann von Medem German courtier b 1763 March 7 Robert Townsend spy American member of the Culper Spy Ring b 1753 March 13 Poul Martin Moller Danish philosopher b 1794 March 16 Nathaniel Bowditch American mathematician b 1773 March 23 Michael Anckarsvard Swedish politician b 1742 April 3 Francois Carlo Antommarchi French physician b 1780 April 6 Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva Brazilian statesman naturalist b 1763 April 9 Piet Uys Voortrekker leader in battle b 1797 May Francisco Gomez President of El Salvador b 1796 May 17 Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord French diplomat b 1754 May 19 Sir Richard Hoare English archaeologist b 1758 May 23 Jan Willem Janssens Governor General of the Dutch East Indies b 1762 June 14 Maximilian von Montgelas Bavarian statesman b 1759 July December Edit Alexandra Branitskaya July 19 Christmas Evans Welsh preacher b 1766 August 1 John Rodgers American naval officer b 1772 August 17 Lorenzo Da Ponte librettist for Mozart b 1749 August 21 Adelbert von Chamisso German writer b 1781 September 1 William Clark American explorer b 1770 September 15 Alexandra Branitskaya Russian political activist courtier and businessperson b 1754 September 18 Robert Smith 1st Baron Carrington b 1752 September 27 Bernard Courtois French chemist b 1777 October 1 Charles Tennant Scottish chemist industrialist b 1768 October 3 Black Hawk Sauk Indian chief autobiographer b 1767 October 5 Pauline Leon French feminist radical b 1768 November 7 Anne Grant Scottish poet b 1755 November 21 Georges Mouton count of Lobau Marshal of France b 1770 December 12 Elisha Clark American politician b 1752 December 20 Hegesippe Moreau French writer and poet b 1810 References Edit Russell W Burns Communications An International History of the Formative Years Institution of 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Including New York City and the District of Columbia The Haworth Information Press 2006 p388 University of Westminster London Beginnings Project Archived from the original on July 10 2012 Retrieved February 9 2011 Quincy Illinois A Temporary Refuge 1838 39 BYU Religious Studies Center Archived from the original on October 29 2013 Retrieved October 27 2013 World suffrage timeline women and the vote New Zealand Ministry of Culture and Heritage Mulder G J 1838 Over Proteine en hare Verbindingen en Ontledingsproducten Natuur en Scheikundig Archief 6 87 162 Vickery Hubert Bradford 1950 The Origin of the Word Protein Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 22 5 387 93 PMC 2598953 PMID 15413335 Retrieved from https en wikipedia org w index php title 1838 amp oldid 1027821383, wikipedia, wiki, book,


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